How much does a private investigator cost?

Cost of hiring a private investigator

How much will hiring a private investigator cost you?

Price is one of the main things people consider before choosing a private investigator. The truth is that hiring a private investigator can be expensive. But if you shop around and keep your eyes open, you’ll learn what your needs are, what a reasonable hourly rate is, and how to avoid cut price operators who don’t deliver.

Understanding private investigator costs

There are three basic types of private investigator fees in Australia.

  1. Flat hourly rate. Depends on the type of service. Hourly rates apply for services like cheating investigations.
  2. Mileage fees. If your case involves following a person, you will usually be charged per kilometre on top of the standard hourly fees. Charged from a call out location.
  3. Incidentals. Some cases will involve out of pocket expenses, for example entry fees while carrying out surveillance. Your private investigator should inform you of any incidental costs that might occur.

How to find a good value private investigator

Some investigation agencies try to win clients by undercutting market rates. But you always get what you pay for. Don’t be fooled into thinking you will get the results you need from an unprofessional outfit that doesn’t charge a fair rate. Cut price rates usually mean cut price results.

Our advice: Don’t base your choice of private investigator solely on price.

3 steps to get good value

  1. Talk to several investigators before signing up.
  2. Understand what you need and what a fair price is.
  3. Avoid cut price operators.

Ring around to get a feel for the costs and services offered. Then you will have a better idea what a fair price is, as well as learning a lot about what you need. This knowledge will help you choose an agency you are confident will provide good value for money.

Finding an investigation agency that emphasises cost efficiency and that is willing to work within your budget is ideal. This is especially true when a case requires extensive work or the assistance of more than one private investigator.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a private investigator based on the lowest price. The personal or monetary cost of a bungled investigation could be very high. It’s far better to hire a well trained, efficient private eye who can deliver.

Some questions to ask your investigator about costs

A good private eye should be able to give you clear answers to these questions before you sign up.

  1. What services do you expect I will need, and for how long?
  2. How much will this cost? Will I get a firm quote?
  3. What happens if unexpected costs occur?
  4. What is your refund policy?

We’re ready to talk

At Melbourne Investigations we know that hiring a private investigator can be expensive. We work hard to make sure our customers always get an efficient, value for money service. We give up front pricing and always keep you informed of extra costs. If you would like to discuss your investigation needs, we’re ready to talk right now on 0433 763 707 or