Our background check helped a retiree find love

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Starting a relationship with someone new when you’re a retiree is a challenge. Here’s one story of a senior lady we were able to help with a relationship background check.

Dating online has its own set of risks. A profile may not truly reflect the person on the other end of the conversation. He or she may also not be as honest as hoped.

It can be even more challenging to find the right partner later in life. In Australia, there are 2.3 million singles aged 50 and over, and the pool gets smaller with every age group. This makes it harder to find a good partner nearby, even with new Australian dating apps for singles over 50.

That was the story for one of our clients. She was in her late 60s and recently retired. Having been widowed for some time, she decided it was time to find someone. She wanted a partner to spend the rest of her years with.

Relationship background check for seniors
Our client wanted a retiree relationship check to make sure she could trust her new love.

She met a man online who she was interested in, and he seemed to be interested in her, too. He was also retired and well-known in his area, as the president of a prominent club in town.

The problem was he lived over two hours away, making it difficult for our client to really get to know the man she was dating. She didn’t have regular contact with him, other than over the phone or through messages. Being so far, she was concerned he might be seeing other women. She was also worried that her assets wouldn’t be safe if she moved forward with the relationship.

Our client looked for a private investigator in Melbourne, wanting to know if he was genuine before she took the next step in the relationship. She came to us at Melbourne Investigations for help with a relationship background check.

What happened on the background check

When she came to us, our private investigators began covert surveillance on her potential partner. Making sure we avoided detection, we checked to see if he went where he said he was going and if there were truly no other women in his life.

One evening, he told our client he would be seeing a popular band on his own. We carried out surveillance from inside the venue. We determined he was telling the truth. He attended the show on his own and had a few drinks.

On another occasion, the man said he would be going to a restaurant by himself. Our client worried he would be seeing another woman on this visit. However, we watched as he went into the eatery on his own, and didn’t so much as look at another woman.

Covert surveillance in a restaurent
Covert surveillance in a restaurant showed that the man was telling the truth.

Our investigation was successful and had a great outcome. We found our client’s new boyfriend was honourable and respectable. He never found out he was being investigated.

When we reported our findings and told our client she had found a good man, she was ecstatic and cried tears of joy. After years of having trouble finding a new partner once her husband had passed, our client was happy to have found a safe and trustworthy partner. We made sure she had all the information she needed to know she was making a good decision.

Relationship background checks in Melbourne

Getting a dating check in Melbourne before seeing someone you met online is the best way to keep yourself safe. Online dating in Australia can be fun and exciting, but it can also be risky. According to the ACCC’s Scamwatch, 369 incidents of online dating scams were reported in January of 2019.

If you are dating online and are concerned about the person you are seeing, contact Melbourne Investigations. Our private eyes are trained to carry out a relationship background check discretely and cautiously. The person you are seeing will never know about the investigation, and you will have peace of mind in your relationship.

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