Theft investigation review

Melbourne Investigations, Thank-you for your quick responses and informative information that I was seeking – I would highly recommend your services to any other businesses who require your expertise. To date I have been successfully able to move forward, without any further theft within my business. Thank-you for catching good footage of the criminal, who …

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Successful cheating spouse investigation

I am absolutely impressed with your services. Melbourne Investigations has caught my cheating spouse within a couple of hours. When I listened to my gut wrenching feeling I took on the services of Melbourne Investigations, who gave it to me straight. Thank-you to all the members and evidence you provided. Name withheld Cheating investigation client

Personal thanks for an investigation

I just want to personally thank Melbourne Investigations for all of your help regarding a private matter. You have gone over and beyond in helping me out with my case and the fees involved. Its very refreshing and much appreciated that a business such as yours does not look at a one size fits all …

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Trust your gut feeling if you think you are being cheated on

Trust your instincts if you suspect an affair

When something has changed and doesn’t sit right, you embark on trusting those instincts and hire a private investigator that catches cheating spouses. Although it may at first seem like the wrong thing to do as it really questions your trust and loyalty, sometimes you just need to trust in your instincts if you want the truth.

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