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Cyber Security and Data Forensics

Cyber security to keep your data safe from attack, fraud, leaks or failure. We also recover lost data.

  • Check internet and device usage by employees
  • Guard against espionage and hacking
  • Data recovery and computer forensics

Cyber security means keeping your business data safe. Information is one of your most valuable assets, but your data security can be compromised in so many different ways. Loose social media use, hacking, accidental deletion and device failure are some of the risks. If you rely on your digital information, you need to invest in cyber security to keep it safe.

Melbourne Investigations has experienced cyber security specialists ready to assist. We can identify your risks, stop disasters before they happen and solve your existing data problems. Our computer forensics specialists can uncover what’s been happening to your data, and write detailed reports for legal use. We work with government, business and other organisations throughout Victoria.

Employee cyber security

Your employees have access to your most sensitive business data, and in their pockets they have the means to spread it. Do they know how to keep your data safe from accidental exposure? Or do you suspect something is going on? The cyber security experts at Melbourne Investigations can help identify your weak points. We train your staff in safe practices and thoroughly investigate any suspicions you have.

  1. Training and technology to help prevent accidental data leaks
  2. Monitor your employees’ internet use, messaging and social media
  3. Investigate possible employee contact with third parties
  4. Check if devices reported lost might be stolen

Employee cyber security

Hacking and industrial espionage

Hacking tools are sophisticated and easy to use. But many companies are slow to act on risks and make sure their data is safe. Are you worried your business is exposed to ransomware or data theft? Cyber security can seem like a mystery, but it has real value in helping keeping your information safe.

Data compromise is serious. Melbourne Investigations can find your high risk areas and fix the problems you are already dealing with.

  1. Hacking, viruses, ransomware and denial of service (DOS) attacks
  2. Digital eavesdropping and data theft
  3. Email fraud and digital paper trails
  4. Identify your risk areas and provide solutions and training

Computer forensics

Melbourne Investigations can help you find out what happened during a data breach. Our computer forensics experts will examine your devices and follow the digital footprints to try to discover what happened, and who did it. We help find patent and trademark infringement, breaches of confidentiality and deleted files. Our findings are compiled into full reports that are suitable for use in legal matters.

  1. Computer related FOI breaches of confidentiality and privacy
  2. Patent and trademark infringement with cyber and internet forensics
  3. Data recovery of hidden and deleted files
  4. Tracing of third party interference
  5. Full reporting suitable for legal use

Computer forensics and investigations

If you need to rescue lost data on your own phone, tablet or computer, we also provide personal data recovery services.

Business data management

If your business depends on data, you need to manage it effectively and safely. Data management services from Melbourne Investigations help keep you in control of your information. Our computer specialists work with you to set up policies and procedures that keep your data useful and secure. Make your data earn its keep.

  1. Backups and backup recovery
  2. Device failure – Mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers and more
  3. Accidental data loss – Factory resets, disk formatting, data deletions, lost SMS messages
  4. Database Administrator (DBA) services
  5. Computer programming and reverse engineering

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