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Reuniting a family split apart – we found their mother

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Finding missing persons, or skip tracing, is one of the most important kinds of private investigations we conduct at Melbourne Investigations.

Imagine being as young as three years old and having your mother simply walk out on you. While everyone goes through trying times, not everyone can imagine what it is like to have someone as significant as their mother missing from their life. What could cause a woman to leave her children?

Recently, we had a client come to Melbourne Investigations for help. Their mother left when they were young, forcing the father to be the only caretaker for the children. As time went on, the children grew up and wanted answers as to why their mother abandoned them two decades ago.

After reviewing the situation and all the information the client could provide, we were able to provide them with some answers. Our licensed private investigators were able to find the missing mother and reunite the family. This type of story is not unusual for us at Melbourne Investigations – one of our specialties is to help our clients find missing persons in Australia

We care about our missing person clients

Our private investigators are fully aware of the pains that many women, men, and children go through on a daily basis, simply searching to belong. That’s one of the reasons Melbourne Investigations helps find missing persons. We understand the importance of mending fences and putting together the pieces of the puzzle, and we consider it a privilege to help people find that closure.

Finding missing persons is what we do best

One of the most rewarding services we can provide our clients with is reuniting them with those that they’ve longed to find. Melbourne Investigations is highly skilled in finding people, whether they are friends, parents, children or old relationship partners. Our team of licensed private investigators in Australia is trained to find information that will lead them closer to finding missing people. There is nothing that delights them and motivates them more than the reward of hearing how happy their clients are when they are once again reunited and finally receive their happy ending.

You may be looking for a family member, an ex spouse or lover, or your long lost childhood friend. Call Melbourne Investigations and allow us to help you find missing persons and gain the closure that you are seeking.

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