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Most parties go off without a hitch, but sometimes things get out of hand. Fighting, property damage and out of control crowds can all be issues. Hiring party security guards from Melbourne Investigations can help prevent problems, so you can relax on your big night.

Some of the ways our security guards help with Melbourne parties include:

  1. Controlling uninvited or unwanted guests
  2. Guest safety to prevent harassment or assault
  3. Crowd control to stop property damage occuring
  4. Noise control to help avoid neighbour complaints

When you need party security guards

Remember to register your party with the police if you are hosting a big event. Then consider if you might also need security guards at your party.

If you just want peace of mind

Perhaps your teenagers are planning to throw a party when you aren’t home. Maybe you are concerned that their some guests will turn up already drunk. Or you just want a trained third party to manage risks so you can relax.

Whatever the reason, hiring party security guards from Melbourne Investigations will help give you peace of mind knowing someone with authority is on site to keep everyone safe.

If the party has been publicly advertised or you expect gate crashers

If your party is publicly advertised, all of a sudden you’ve lost control of who might turn up. This is especially true with teenager parties. Party information can spread far and wide on social media without you knowing or being able to control it. Sometimes this results in large numbers of hangers-on attending. This could mean strangers with unknown motives are in your home. If these uninvited guests get rowdy or are out to cause trouble, things can get out of hand.

Our party security guards can help control who enters your party. They will stay alert throughout the night and make sure your guests and property stay safe.

If you expect heavy drinking or a rough crowd

Lots of people indulge in drugs or alcohol at parties. Big events like 18th and 21st birthday parties, and sport team parties, are occasions when heavy drinking occurs. Depending on the circumstances, you might even be expecting some guests who play it rough.

Hiring a party security guard is an excellent way to help make sure your guests stays safe. Our guards will observe your guests to watch for overindulgence in drugs or drink. They also stay alert to potential harassment or assault, to make sure everyone stays safe on the night.

Teenager party security

How our party security guards help

When you hire Melbourne Investigations to provide security for your party, we’ll ask you what your concerns are. We may suggest any of the following services:

Entry and exit control

  1. Identify invited guests and prevent gate crashers from entering
  2. Stop people entering if they present a risk – like turning up drunk and belligerent
  3. Management of entry and exit stamps if required

Guest safety

  1. Patrols to identify overindulgence in alcohol or drugs
  2. Security presence to help discourage drug distribution
  3. Staying alert to potential harassment, assault or drink spiking
  4. Helping to prevent property damage
  5. Ejecting troublesome guests

Crowd control

  1. Noise control to avoid neighbour complaints and police visits
  2. Making sure guests leave when the party is over
  3. Management if things go wrong and the police should be called to your party

What are our party security guards like?

The security guards at Melbourne Investigations are all trained and experienced professionals. They maintain a calm and professional manner at all times. Our guards are very well presented and approachable, so your guests will always feel welcome.

Our party guards stay alert at all times to help identify problems before they occur. They maintain an attitude of authority to help control any problem situations.

If you are planning a party and you think you might need security, get in touch with Melbourne Investigations for a confidential chat.

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