10 body language cues that your partner may be cheating

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Ever get that unsettling feeling sitting across from your partner at dinner? Can’t shake the idea that something isn’t quite right?

You’re pretty positive they’ve been sneaking around – but you need to be sure. Fortunately for you, there are a few cheating body language cues that can tip you off to your partner’s infidelity.

The only way to catch your partner in the act is by hiring a private eye, but even without an expert you can do some investigating on your own. There’s nothing that can ease the pain of a unfaithful partner, but there is plenty that can tip you off to their cheating ways.

The devil is in the details or, in this case, their body language. Luckily, we did some investigating for you. Here are ten of the most important body language clues that will expose your partner’s dirty little secrets.

Cheating body language cue #1 – No eye contact

Any poker player will tell you, a lack of eye contact is a pretty common tell that someone is being dishonest. In this case though, we’re talking about something a little more serious than a card game bluff.

Lack of eye contact can hint at an affair
Too little eye contact in a conversation can be a hint your partner is having an affair.

A cheater will always look away when they’re asked a direct question. This is especially true when quizzed about their whereabouts. Try and press your partner about their minimal eye contact after you’ve asked your question. If they’re lying, chances are they’ll refuse to look you in the eye – or they’ll change the subject and start a fight.

Affair body language cue #2 – Too much eye contact

It’s no surprise that too much of a good thing is also a red flag – especially if your partner doesn’t usually make a habit of it.

Are they gazing into your eyes while you ask them why they were 45 minutes late to dinner? Is it to the point where even YOU feel uncomfortable? If your partner is making excessive eye contact, it’s a good bet they may be hiding something. Also, let’s be honest, no one stares exactly into your eyes throughout conversation.

Cheating partners will use this tactic to try and remind you of the bond you two share. Don’t fall victim to this overcompensating!

Cheating body language hint #3 – Blinking

We don’t want to be the ones to have to tell you, but your partner doesn’t always have something in their eye.

Rapid blinking is a tell-tale sign that something is amiss. More than that, it’s a signal that your partner is wrestling with the idea of you finding out their lies.

In fact, liars blink up to eight times more in the time following a lie than they normally would

Infidelity body language clue #4 – Overacting during conversation

Exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures aren’t needed for a simple story. That is, unless your partner is trying to put on a show for you.

As an unwilling audience member, your guard has to be up. Pay attention to your normal flow of conversation compared to now. It’s a good bet that your partner is trying to convince you of something with their acting job.

Don’t let yourself get swept up in the moment!

Affair body language clue #5 – Hesitation in speech

Umm, ahh, well…don’t you wish we’d get to the point already?

The truth is, these placeholders are the body’s way of saying “buy me some time, please.” In other words, your partner is looking for a way out of their lies.

Hesistant speech is a clue to cheating
Hesitating while talking can be a clue that your partner is being unfaithful.

This speech pattern is an ENORMOUS tell. Liars will unconsciously use these little space fillers in conversation. Not only will they aid in fabricating a story, they’ll disrupt your concentration too.

Don’t fall for this misdirection!

Cheating body language cue #6 – Short concise answers

People that find themselves caught in lies adhere to the less is more policy of thinking.

The idea behind this tactic is that you can’t implicate yourself in a lie if you don’t say all that much. Brilliant in theory but not so much in practice!

Be on the lookout for this – ask follow up questions to your original, and don’t be afraid to ask the same question twice.

It’s not surprising to hear your partner change the subject either, so make sure you stay vigilant!

Affair body language hint #7 – Fidgeting with clothing and objects

They call this a nervous habit for a reason.

Take note of how your partner occupies their hands and feet during your conversation. Are they playing with their cell phone? Scrutinizing that stain on their glasses?

Pay special attention to your partner’s clothing and how they interact with it. Constant tugging of the shirt collar and idle hands sliding in and out of pockets? All are indicators that they’re trying to cover something up.

Infidelity body language cue #8 – Avoidance of public affection

Is your partner giving no play to PDA?

Public displays of affection are one of the biggest ways couples show their love to each other. It’s no surprise then, that its absence should sound all sorts of relationship alarms.

Cheating clue no public display of affection
Lack of public displays of affection can hint at a deeper problem in the relationship.

Keep in mind that a cheating partner is also telling a story to a third party. In their mind, your relationship has gone cold, so they’ll want to keep up with appearances.

Cheating body language hint #9 – Let’s be friends

Have your loving embraces and lengthy kisses been replaced with high-fives and handshakes?

Your lover should be exactly that – a lover. You’ve got enough friends, so a shift in behavior and a decrease in passion should tell you something’s up.

If the nights of fiery passion are a thing of the past, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your relationship. Your partner might be sneaking around right underneath your nose!

Affair body language clue #10 – The cold shoulder

More than anything else, your partner’s demeanor can tell you all you need to know about their state of mind.

This cue is pretty cut and dry – has your once loving partner become as cold as a mother-in-law’s kiss?

If conversation that used to be joyful has become a chore on your partner’s part, they may be looking for a way out. This is also marked by a general sense of empathy towards conversation by your other half. You deserve better!

Find out if your instincts about body language are true

Unfortunately, all of this amateur detective work will only get you so far. After all, none of us are seasoned veterans when it comes to picking up on clues! If you’ve really got a strong suspicion about your partner, the only way to be sure is by hiring a private eye to conduct a professional investigation. At Melbourne Investigations we are experienced in finding out the truth about unfaithfulness. Our female lead investigator is approachable and will treat your situation with dignity. Call us today for a chat about your concerns.

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