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What We Do

We are a private investigation and security guard agency in Melbourne, Australia. We can help.

  • Private investigator and security agency in Melbourne
  • Full range of personal and business services
  • We work with individuals and businesses across Victoria

Melbourne Investigations provides security and private investigation services in Victoria. We find missing people and check if spouses are cheating. We help businesses locate their debtors and prove if fraud is occurring. And our security guards make parties and events safe throughout Melbourne.

Private investigator services

At Melbourne Investigations we put our heart into every private eye job. You can trust us to find your long lost family member or investigate your partner. Our private eyes are experienced and discreet, and they don’t give up until every avenue has been exhausted. Above all, we care about you and the importance of your case.

  1. Investigate cheating partners and spouses.
  2. Finding missing persons through detailed searches.
  3. Background checks for relationships.
  4. Private surveillance for families and businesses.
  5. Bug detection if you are concerned you’re being tracked or listened to.
  6. Data recovery and online safety for your peace of mind.

What do our Melbourne private investigators and security guards do?

Business investigator services

Our business investigators are experienced professionals. They are efficient and discreet when dealing with fraud, unpaid debt or legal issues.

Melbourne Investigations works with tradesmen, SMBs and large companies across Victoria. Up front prices and no hidden charges help keep your costs under control. Your reputation is protected by our professional conduct, discretion and legal compliance.

  1. Process serving for legal document delivery.
  2. WorkCover investigations to uncover fraud.
  3. Debt collection assistance to help you get paid.
  4. Skip tracing to find debtors.

Security guard services

Melbourne Investigations has professional security guards who can keep your party or event safe. Our security officers are trained, fully qualified and accredited in Australia.

Our guards are on the ball and well presented. They are very public friendly, which gives a good impression to your guests. We tailor our guard services to make sure you get effective party security or crowd control.

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