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Skip tracing and address checks Australia

Locate beneficiaries and check addresses for lawyers and business

Fast and reliable skip tracing and address checks, everywhere in Australia.

Melbourne Investigations locates people and checks qualifications, legal records and more.

We work with lawyers and employers across Australia. And we get results. Our team of skip tracers will hunt through all available data until they find your information.

  1. Locate people and verify addresses
  2. Check on legal records
  3. Verify education and qualifications

And much, much more.

Our skip tracing and address checks follow all relevant laws and privacy guidelines. We are totally discreet, so you’re protected from negative publicity. Finally, our results are presented in a detailed written report that’s backed up with evidence.

What are Skip Tracing and Address Checks?

Skip tracing means locating someone who is hard to find. They could have disappeared on purpose, or simply dropped off the map.

Address checks are when we verify data about a person. This could be their address, court records or vehicle registration.

How we do Skip Tracing and Address Checks

Firstly, we’ll ask what you know about the person of interest. The more data you can provide, the better your results will be.

Then we’ll start gathering information from our special data sources. Our team knows how to search for connections and find the information you need. We also have ground staff for in-person address checks.

We protect you by always following the law and privacy rules. After your investigation is finished, all data will be presented in a written report.

Types of data we find

Melbourne Investigations is experienced in finding the kinds of information you need.

Legal and Court Records

  1. State court records
  2. Caveat checks to make sure there is no other interest on a property
  3. Records of judgments and defaults

Location and Property Checks

  1. Current address check
  2. Address history and occupants
  3. Vehicle registration and ownership
  4. Property address searches

Personal Details

  1. Names and aliases
  2. Relationship status
  3. Employment status
  4. Education, qualifications and accreditation
  5. Phone number checks
  6. Archival and historical searches
  7. Surveillance to verify associates and activities

Skip Tracing and Address Checks for Lawyers

We locate people and also confirm details for Australian solicitors. Melbourne Investigations covers all skip tracing needs for the legal profession in Australia.

Skip tracing for Australian lawyers

  1. Tracking down parties in divorce and child support cases
  2. Locating beneficiaries for wills and estates
  3. Confirming addresses and process serving
  4. Finding debtors or other parties of interest
  5. Detailed missing person searches when a standard check isn’t enough

We understand that legal professionals need fast, reliable results. You can’t afford to spend time on dead ends trying to check an address. Our investigators know how to find the data you need, so you don’t have to spend the time. Consider a fast track investigation if speed is a priority.

Professional conduct and discretion are also our priority. We know your reputation could be damaged by anything that links back to you. So our skip tracing staff always work with the utmost discretion. And they also understand all the relevant laws and privacy guidelines.

Skip Tracing and Address Checks for Business

Melbourne Investigations verifies information for Australian business owners and employers. We have a high success rate and always work efficiently to control your costs.

Address checks and skip tracing for Australian business

  1. Employment background checks
  2. Verify education, accreditation and certification
  3. Business intelligence
  4. Employees involved in WorkCover fraud
  5. Verifying customer or vendor details
  6. Locating debtors and process serving
  7. Contacting past customers or employees

Why choose Melbourne Investigations for Skip Tracing?

Australian lawyers and business owners need two things from skip tracing: professional conduct and reliable results. When you engage Melbourne Investigations you are immediately backed by our experienced team.

Our investigators follow all laws and privacy guidelines. They also act with complete discretion to avoid any negative reflection on you. As a third party, we act as a buffer between you and your person of interest.

Our skip tracing success rates are high. So you know we don’t just do a quick Google search and call it a day. We access a wide range of information, and we also know how to use it. Our staff hunt through the data to discover hidden connections and find answers.

If this sounds like what you need, we’re ready to talk. Contact Melbourne Investigations for prompt skip tracing or address checks around Australia.

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