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Cheating investigators who can find out the truth about your partner. Our staff are discreet and truly care.

Is your husband or wife having an affair?

Suspecting your spouse or partner is cheating is one of the hardest things any person can face. You might feel any number of emotions, like anger, sadness or shame. When you are going through something so personal, you need someone you can trust to stand with you and tell you the truth.

One of the most important jobs we do at Melbourne Investigations is looking into adultery. You have a right to know the truth about your husband, wife or partner. Our private eyes are discreet and experienced. They’ll make sure nobody knows they are on the case.

Our promises to you

1. We are always discreet

Affair investigations need to be completely discreet. Your partner will not know they are being investigated or observed.

2. We will tell you the truth

The truth can be very hard sometimes. But if your partner is cheating, you need to know. You can trust us to tell you the truth about what we find.

3. We will treat you with real care at all times.

Caring and compassion are our priorities. Our cheating investigators genuinely have your best interests at heart. Your deeply personal situation is safe with us. You can talk to us about what you’re going through any time you wish after the investigation is complete.

What are some warning signs that my partner could be cheating?

Investigating cheating spouses

A lot of people call Melbourne Investigations and say they just feel something is wrong. Nine times out of ten, their intuition was right.

Any husband or wife who is cheating on their partner will be careful to avoid giving themselves away. But there are often warning signs that can tip you off about possible infidelity. If you have come far enough to be reading this page, the chances are you have already noticed some of the following in your spouse or partner.

  1. Changes in attitude – acting less or more attentive.
  2. Secretive on the phone or with social media.
  3. Taking more effort with their appearance.
  4. Going out more often or staying late at work.

It’s normal to be worried if your spouse is acting strangely. Listen to your instincts – don’t let it go on forever without making sure.

Why use a cheating investigator?

There are good reasons for letting a professional investigate your spouse or partner instead of doing it yourself.

  1. Being discovered could damage your relationship if your suspicions are actually wrong.
  2. If you accidentally violate someone’s privacy, you could put legal proceedings at risk.
  3. You could be unsafe if you are dealing with places and people you don’t know.
  4. Being discovered could ruin any chance to obtain evidence, because the people involved will be more careful.
  5. We have access to special information sources and equipment, and the training to carry out a successful investigation.

Our Melbourne cheating investigators are trained and fully accredited in Australia. We are experienced professionals who understand how to conduct infidelity investigations so that you have the best chance of learning the truth.

How much does a cheating investigation cost?

Every case is unique, so we can’t give an accurate price until we know your situation. But here are some ways our cheating investigators help keep your costs under control.

  1. We give complete, up front pricing. There are no hidden charges in our fees.
  2. Our prices are fair. You don’t need to worry about being taken advantage of.
  3. Our staff keep you up to date on any unexpected expenses. You stay in control.
  4. We don’t give up until we’ve got answers. You will never feel you have paid money with nothing to show for it.

How do we investigate infidelity, from start to finish?

1. Gathering information

The first step in your cheating investigation is to talk with you in person or over the phone, to find out all the information you have. Why are you suspicious? Have you uncovered any evidence? Has your husband or wife been behaving differently?

Try to be completely open when giving us information. The more detail you can provide, the better we can understand the situation and plan for a successful investigation. You can trust us to keep all information completely confidential.

After we understand your situation we will be able to decide on a plan of action. But whatever happens, you will always be in control of your investigation – we won’t do anything you don’t want us to.

Contact us to start your cheating investigation

2. Investigating with absolute discretion

Once we have our information and plan, we will go about the investigation. Depending on your case, we might use covert surveillance, video or still photography, special information sources, and following the people you are suspicious of.

Whichever investigation methods we use, we guarantee to be discreet. We will never tell your partner or spouse they are being investigated – before, during or afterwards. We will always be careful to avoid detection, and do our utmost to fulfill the trust you place in us.

Your privacy is safe with us. We will never give away your personal information. Your spouse or partner will never be told they are being investigated.

Please don’t come to the job, and be careful who you tell. Help us make sure your spouse or partner doesn’t find out they are being investigated. Emotions can be running high, and showing up at a surveillance location can ruin the whole investigation.

3. Presenting our findings truthfully

Whatever we discover, we always make sure we present the evidence to you impartially and truthfully. We know how important it is that you have an unbiased source of solid evidence so that you can make your own mind up. We will present our findings to you truthfully and completely. Where appropriate we will provide photographs or videos on DVD and a written report, so that you have good evidence to back you up.

What happens after the investigation is over?

The best outcome we could wish for would be telling you that your suspicions were incorrect, and your spouse or partner is being faithful. But if the worst should happen and we discover evidence of an affair, you can trust Melbourne Investigations to provide ongoing support.

We treat every client with respect, dignity and kindness, regardless of the outcome of your investigation. We genuinely care about your wellbeing, especially if the news is not good. When the investigation is over we will be ready to talk things through or just be a friendly shoulder to lean on. We always make sure our customers are okay before we finish our dealings with them. If you need extra help, we will be there. And if you’re worried your partner might be hiding assets in preparation for divorce, we can help there too.

How to get started

If you are suspicious that your husband, wife or partner is having an affair, we can help you find out the truth discreetly and with compassion. The first step is just to talk to us about what’s going on. Contact us today.

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