Data Recovery and Online Safety

Rescue your photos or data with our skillful data recovery services. We can also help keep your family safe online.

  • Check on your partner or prove their unfaithfulness
  • Keep your family safe on the internet
  • Recover deleted and corrupted data or factory resets

Melbourne Investigations are experts in data recovery and online safety. We can check phone and social media history to help prove your spouse is unfaithful. We provide parent education and solutions to help keep your family safe online. And if you’ve ever accidentally deleted photos or documents or factory reset your phone, you’ll love our fast data recovery services.

Prove your partner is cheating with data forensics

Discovering your partner is cheating is incredibly difficult and emotional. But within the turmoil there is often a need to get some hard facts. Is your partner or spouse actually cheating? Who with? And do you need to prove it in court? Data recovery and phone forensics by Melbourne Investigations can help you find these facts.

Our data specialists examine phones, tablets, laptops and computers to discover what your partner has been doing.

  1. Learn who they’ve been texting
  2. Recover deleted or hidden photos and videos
  3. Uncover their call history
  4. Check their social media and internet use
  5. Learn where they’ve been with GPS records

We understand this can be one of the hardest times any person can go through. At Melbourne Investigations we have a genuine, caring attitude to our clients. We’ll walk with you through this process and help you with your next steps. Find out more about our approach with our full service cheating investigations.

Online safety for your family

The internet is present in your home, and it’s probably unfiltered. Are you concerned about what your family is being exposed to? The online safety experts at Melbourne Investigations can come to your home and help work out the best solution for you.

Help keep your family safe online with parent education and software solutions

We educate the parents to help you understand the dangers better, and then we provide the solutions to help control what comes into your home. We can also help you keep your WiFi network safe and private.

  1. Parent education and advice
  2. Online parental controls to manage what websites and services can be used
  3. Accountability software for parents and teens
  4. Help identifying social media scammers
  5. Deciding whether online reviews can be trusted
  6. WiFi network security

Data recovery – Lost files, factory resets or old devices

Everyone with a smart phone or computer has dealt with deleted photos, corrupted documents or a broken device. Rescue your digital information with data recovery from Melbourne Investigations. Our technicians can examine your devices and try to restore your data – from phones, tablets, computers and more.

We can recover data from phones, tablets, computers and more

Sometimes information is gone forever, but we’re often able to make our customers smile with what we can restore.

  1. Accidentally deleted data
  2. Computer or hard disk crash
  3. Smashed phone
  4. Recovering deleted text messages
  5. Recovering data from a factory reset
  6. Setting up cloud backups to keep your data safe

If you’re looking for business services, we also provide full cyber security and computer forensics.

What devices can we recover data from?

  • Mobile phones – iPhones, Android and Windows
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers – Windows, Apple and others
  • SIM cards
  • Hard drives – Internal and external
  • USB flash drives
  • Memory cards  – SD, Mini SD, Micro SD and others
  • GPS units

What types of data can we recover?

  • All current and deleted data
  • Call history
  • Contact list
  • SMS / Text messages
  • Photos and videos
  • Documents and files
  • Social media use
  • Internet use
  • GPS use

Get started with data recovery or online safety

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