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Why Choose Us?

We never give up on investigations until we get the truth. Our prices are fair and our staff are caring.

  • Trustworthy and accredited staff
  • Fair pricing with no hidden costs
  • Determined investigators who know how to find the truth

Melbourne Investigations provides private investigators and security services in Victoria. Our simple rule is to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. What would be important to us on this security job? How would we want to be treated in this cheating investigation?

Melbourne Investigations genuinely has your best interests at heart. Our staff are fully trained, discreet and professional. They leave no stone unturned. We want to be the best private investigation and security service in Melbourne.


Our private eyes are utterly discreet. We will do all we can to make sure your person of interest doesn’t know they are being investigated. Every piece of information we come across is kept confidential and dealt with discreetly – and that goes for sensitive business and security data too.

Professionals, not amateurs

Melbourne Investigations’ staff are fully Australian trained and accredited. They are committed to providing high quality, professional security guard and investigation services. We are not fly by night operators.

Our team has complete respect for the law and the privacy of all parties involved. We won’t do anything unprofessional, unsafe or illegal. We value honesty and reliability in all our work.

Transparent pricing

Melbourne Investigations offers up front pricing for all private investigation and security services. There are no hidden costs, ever. We’ll even work with you to help you stay in control of your budget.

Our clients are kept fully up to date on all developments. We will confirm with you before proceeding with any unexpected costs. You will always know exactly where your money is going, and you will always be in charge.

We never give up

Melbourne Investigations has a reputation and track record of never giving up. Our private eyes are not willing to call a job complete until every avenue has been thoroughly investigated. This persistence pays off regularly. Try us if your investigation case has stalled.

Our team calls on a wide range of special resources and knowledge in their investigations. They have the experience and determination to find hidden information. We thoroughly check and triple check our findings before presenting them, so you can rely on the results.

Why choose our private investigators or security guards

We actually care

At Melbourne Investigations we put our heart into every job. Our team knows how important it is for someone to find their missing family member or confirm their spouse is cheating. People’s lives can be deeply affected by what we find. We put it this way:

“What if it was my husband or wife, child or parent? I would want to know I could trust whoever I hired to do the investigation. I would want to know the truth and be treated with compassion and respect.”

The team at Melbourne Investigations has a genuinely caring attitude for these sensitive investigations. We are available to talk to our customers any time for support if needed.

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