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Here’s what our private investigators in Melbourne can do

Affair and cheating investigators

Could your husband, wife or partner be having an affair? Maybe you’ve noticed something in your relationship, but you don’t know for sure. Our cheating private investigators in Melbourne will discover the truth. We’ll be completely discreet. You have a right to know what’s happening in your relationship. And afterwards, we’ll be there to support you in your next steps.

Find missing persons

Maybe you’ve come from a broken home and you want to track down a parent or sibling. Or perhaps there’s an old friend or a debtor you need to find. Our private investigators in Melbourne will use their experience with special information sources to find your missing person. And they never give up until every lead is exhausted. If your missing person can be found, we’ll do it.

Business investigations in Melbourne

Melbourne Investigations has your business fully covered. We provide a complete range of business solutions: process serving, WorkCover fraud checks, data security and more. You’ll have peace of mind with our strict adherence to professional and legal standards.

This is just a small sample of our full range of investigation services. We also work throughout Australia with our network of private investigators.

Here’s why our private investigators in Melbourne are different

Our private investigators get results. They follow up every lead to solve the cases that other agencies can’t. We’re incredibly proud of the results they get.

Our field agents are discreet. The person we’re investigating will never know they are being observed. Your privacy is safe with us.

We genuinely care about you. Your relationship and family’s well-being are truly our top priority. We’ll be there to support you, no matter the outcome.

Our private investigation manager is female. She is very approachable and easy to talk to, for both men and women. You can trust us with your personal story.

And finally, our costs are up front with no hidden fees. You will always know you’re getting true value for your money.

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