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Who Are Melbourne Investigations?

We are private investigators in Melbourne, Victoria. Our team has a base of operations in Melbourne, and we work all across Australia through our network of trusted private investigators.

Our Melbourne private investigators are fully trained, licensed with Victoria Police and members of the Association of Investigators and Security Professionals.

Honestly, we care about you and your case. People come to us during their best and worst times, and we treat every single case as though it were our own. It doesn’t matter if you’re excited about finding your biological father, or devastated to think your partner is having an affair. We’re eager to help you on your journey.

What Investigations Do You Do?

Our staff provide a full range of private investigation services.

  • Finding missing people and skip tracing
  • Surveillance and infidelity investigations
  • Process serving and background checks
  • WorkCover and scam investigations
  • Bug detection and phone data recovery

Finding Missing People

Find the brother or sister you’ve lost touch with, or locate your biological mother or father. We can help find anyone who’s important to you – no matter how long it’s been, or who they are. Missing person investigations are close to our hearts, and we’ll do our best to find your family or friends.

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Cheating Investigations

Are you worried your husband, wife or partner is having an affair? Gut feelings are very useful for telling you something’s wrong, but they need to be backed up by solid evidence. Our private investigators will find out for sure, and our female manager will be there to support you no matter what we find.

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Background Checks

New relationships are thrilling, but romance scammers are a risk for those seeking love. If you’re involved with someone but aren’t sure if they are who they claim to be, let us launch a background investigation. We’ll search for evidence that will help you decide whether to trust your new lover or not.

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“No words can describe how happy I am that your investigators were successful in this case. I will be forever grateful … Thank you once again for reuniting me with my father.”

Biological search customer, Melbourne

How Will You Give Me the Best Chance of a Successful Investigation?

Deep Searches That Leave No Stone Unturned

Our private detectives don’t just do a quick database search and call it quits. We take the time to understand your situation and what you need. Then we carry out extensive investigations of all the relevant data sources. We go the extra mile to make sure every possible lead has been uncovered. We’ll draw connections and follow up contacts until we’re sure that no stone is left unturned. If your answer can be found, we’ll find it.

Your Case Will Stay Open Until Every Piece of Information Is Found

Your private investigation should get the attention it deserves. If we’ve done all we can but still haven’t found a satisfying answer, we’ll keep your case open for several months. After a time we will revisit your case and see if any new information has come to light. This strategy has yielded us better results in our investigations time after time.

99% Success Rate in Finding Answers

Our twin strategies of deep investigations and leaving cases open means we have a very high success rate. In nearly all cases, our private investigators find definitive answers that satisfy our customers. We will try our best to find out where you missing brother is, or to discover if your employee is faking an illness.

In missing person searches, we always give a 50 / 50 chance of actually locating your loved one. Sometimes people move on and leads dry up. But we do promise that we’ll try our very best to dig all available information out.

Talk to the Melbourne Private Investigators With a 99% Success Rate

Can I Trust Melbourne Investigations?

Completely Confidential

We know that hiring a private investigator is a huge step of trust, and we respect that. You may be trusting us with private family history or deeply personal anguish. We promise you’ll never regret opening up to Melbourne Investigations. At every step your story is kept confidential. We’ll never reveal our presence to the person you’re investigating. And if you need further help, we’ll help direct you to it.

Reassuring Female Investigator

Your case manager at Melbourne Investigations is a lady who genuinely cares. She is easy to talk to, no matter who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you are a husband worried your wife is having an affair, or a sister trying to find her drug addicted brother. You will feel reassured, validated and supported by our female private investigator.

We Don’t Give Up

Our agents simply don’t give up on investigations until every avenue is exhausted. We are persistent and thorough to make sure we don’t miss any clues. If you have a difficult skip trace or have hit a brick wall finding your biological child, call us. Our investigators know where to look and won’t stop until every lead has been followed.

“… you came through with flying colours and on time. I also appreciate that you went out of your way to find a solution for me that met my very tight budget requirements.”

Business investigation customer, Melbourne

What Are Your Qualifications?

Licensing and Training

Melbourne Investigations is fully licensed with Victoria Police under licence number 878-141-40S. This is your guarantee that we are trained, registered and in good standing in the private investigator industry.


We are full members in good standing of the Association of Investigators and Security Professionals, a peak body representing the private detective industry in Australia. We are professionals, not amateurs.


We have been operating as private investigators in Melbourne since 2005. Our staff have decades of experience between them. We have the contacts and the resources to give you the best chance of a successful investigation.

How Much Do Investigations Cost?

Every Case Is Unique

It’s tricky to give a price without knowing all the details of the services you need. Some customers need bug sweeping, some need skip tracing, and others need surveillance. Each case is unique and it’s very hard to say what the cost will be without talking to you first.

Totally Transparent About Costs

When you hire Melbourne Investigations, you will know how much it will cost before you pay a cent. We will tell you everything that’s involved in your case, and what the price will be.

If there are aspects of your investigation that involve unknown hours (such as time spent in surveillance), we’ll keep you updated if it might take longer than expected.

True Value for Money

Every dollar spent with Melbourne Investigations will be used to do valuable work. We do deep searches for information and make sure every clue has been followed up. When you hire our investigators, you will get genuine value and a commitment to find your answers.

“You took on a job to find a friend I hadn’t seen for 44 years which another PI firm had worked on for over a week with no results. You found the person in 2 days and were able to provide me with all the information I wanted and more.”

Missing person search customer, Melbourne

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How Do I Get Started on My Investigation?

Talk to Us

Before you do anything else, get in touch with our investigations manager on (03) 9190 8989. She will advise you up front about the services you need and how to proceed. There is no obligation – just a friendly chat about what you want to achieve.

Shop Around

We want you to hire an investigations agency you trust to have your best interests at heart. Someone you know will run the investigation until all avenues are exhausted. The best way to find out who is a good fit is to talk to different agencies.

Collect Your Information

To have the best chance of a successful outcome, try to give our investigation team as much information as you have. Think about things like names, addresses and life history. Try to be as forthcoming as you can. The more we know, the better we can find what you need.

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