Service Agreement for Investigations and Security Services

Before work begins

Before proceeding with our services conducted by Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd, we advise all clients to read and fully understand this Service Agreement and our Privacy Policy. Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for making people or businesses read the Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd Service Agreement and Privacy Policy. It is the responsibility of the individual to make sure they have read and understood these documents on their own accord. If there are any queries the client should contact us at

Retainer and standard charges

When booking in a service with Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd we require full payment prior to job commencement. Failure to pay the amount invoiced will cease any services to be conducted through Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd.

Rescheduling or changes to booked services are to be made as soon as the client is aware of their need to do so. Failure to give at least three (3) business days notice for any rescheduling or changes to a booked service will result in the service either proceeding as previously booked, or being cancelled. In cases of cancellation, any payments made will be forfeited and no refunds will be provided.

The reason for this is simple – Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd, upon booking your case, will compile a brief and have it handed to a licensed agent. This agent is then required to put time in to conduct pre-investigations for a successful outcome. The agents have set specific time to conduct your job and have no other jobs booked for that day. Therefore cancelling them will mean they are still required to be paid.

The client understands that under no circumstances will a refund be given once the payment has been made, unless and ONLY if a cancellation is made at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled booking date.

Additional work will be charged in a minimum of four (4) hour blocks each new day. We cannot provide any services in less than a four (4) hour block. Beyond this, additional time is charged in one (1) hour increments, and should be organised as early as possible.

Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd charge a standard hourly rate for security services and a standard hourly rate plus distance traveled for investigations. Distance traveled for investigations includes travel time to and from our call out locations, as well as any travel to investigation locations or performed in pursuit of investigation subjects. Distance / pursuit kilometers are to be paid as an estimate with the invoice, which will be refunded should we not travel as far. The minimum km charged per km per day is 80 cents per km.

Under no circumstances is information released to a client until all invoices are cleared. Further invoices maybe warranted if extra hours have been conducted / extra km were traveled / admission fees paid etc, which will be invoiced upon completion and would need to be paid prior to the release of information.

The client understands a verbal understanding of the outcome of investigations will only be provided after the invoice has cleared and the job has been finished. Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd is not available to check in with a client on a daily basis to update.

Weekend and public holiday surveillance investigations are charged at a different rate to weekday rates, and must be paid upfront prior to any service being booked.

There is a 50% non-refundable cancellation fee for any security services cancelled within 72 hours prior to any booked security service or event, or a 4 hour minimum non refundable payment if it is just a 4 hour booking.

Any expenses incurred during the hours of investigations will be at the client’s cost. These may include, but are not limited to: travel time, venue admission, food and beverages.

Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd also allow a minimum $50 per day food allowance for restaurant jobs plus time away from home jobs, which is automatically billed to the client.

Additional charges

In the course of investigations, additional costs may be incurred. These include, but are not limited to accommodation, road tolls, entry to events / clubs / hotels, and incidentals. All additional expenses incurred are charged at cost to the client. When additional expenses are anticipated, this will be discussed with the client beforehand or thru the course of the investigation if the need arises. To run an effective investigation, extra hours may be required over the initial time allocated per day, which will be discussed with the client through the course of the investigation. Any work beyond agreed time frame amounts will be confirmed with the client before proceeding. Extra costs may also apply if the client wishes to obtain a full, comprehensive and detailed report, an activity log, video footage or photographic prints. DVD footage for any surveillance job is included at no extra cost, however postage and extra DVD copies will incur an extra cost charged to the client.

Background checks/ Locates / Skiptracing / Bug sweeping / Forensics investigations

Wen booking in for these services it must be understood payment is always upfront with a no refund policy. Client understands all types of services as mentioned are based on a 50% probability of success, and there is no guarantee of a particular outcome. Based on this understanding, there are no refunds.

Missing persons/ background checks & address investigations

Full payment is required upfront for missing persons, background check investigations and address search investigations. This helps cover our costs, as Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd are continuously committed to keeping our registrations valid for the databases we use to source information, as well as working around the clock with our investigators on the case to find any vital information. On finding information regardless of whether it is beneficial to the client or not, there is no refund. Clients wishing to find or contact a lost or missing person or wanting to find an address for either personal reasons or legal reasons must understand that Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd has a duty of care towards any person located. If a located person does not wish for their details to be given to the client looking for them, we are required to respect that located person’s wishes. If a located person wants their details to be kept private, there will be no refunds or money returned to the client. During the process of investigations client will be advised when a persons address or location is found however permission will be asked to the client if they wish for Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd to contact the person being investigated to verify and authorise they would like their where abouts known. If the client does not wish for Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd to contact the person being investigated to verify and authorise details to be passed on, then all matters of investigations will cease for further inquirys. Client must understand that No Refund will be given if the client chooses not to give permission for Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd to contact the person being investigated, therefore all matter of investigations will cease and be deemed closed. The client must understand and accept these conditions before engaging or pursuing a service with Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd to undertake a search for missing persons, when conducting background checks or investigating a persons current contact number or address. It is therefore the clients responsibility to make sure they read Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd privacy policy as well as and not limited to Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd Service Agreement on their own accord. Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for person(s) / client(s) who choose not to read the service agreement prior to booking in a service for private investigations and / or security services. Melbourne Investigations does not and cannot commit to providing the outcome of success rate in each individual case prior to or during an investigation case. Melbourne Investigations confirms that any investigation conducted has a 50 % chance on success as no one person / company / or business can guarantee this until a case is completed. Doing so would be misleading to the customer.


Payment is by direct debit, payment at any reputable bank or by cash. Payments must clear or have a confirmation receipt prior to the job starting. GST is added on to the invoice and is not part of the standard rate quoted for security, investigations or pursuit kilometers. The balance of all fees and additional expenses invoiced to the client are due within seven working days of the date of the invoice. Late fees may apply if work has been completed and payment has not cleared. Client agrees to pay Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd for all services conducted, regardless of the outcome being successful or not. Upon full payment a fully detailed log report as well as any video footage or stills will be forwarded to the client. If the client requires a full detailed report this is charged at an extra cost to the client. We are committed to assisting clients were necessary, in regards to helping with fees. Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd likes to help clients out in the most cost effective way where possible and look at all possibilities to reduce and minimise fees.

Client responsibilities

Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd is under the understanding that all private investigations, security services and information provided to the client will be for lawful purposes only, and the client acknowledges that they have understood such to Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd. The client advises of any current, pending or past legal matters, court proceedings and or restraining orders associated with client and the person(s) to be investigated without limitations or hesitations. It is the responsibility of the client to speak the truth in relation to any matters associated between client and person of which investigations may be conducted. Client understands that being misleading or falsifying information will cease all investigations or security service run by Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd. The client understands and takes full responsibility on falsifying and misleading information and understands that this could potentially become a police matter based on current, past or future misleading information. Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd trusts that the information received by the client on consultation is the truth without reservations and is not misleading in any way. If the client misleads or breaks this clause an immediate termination of investigations and or security service will apply without hesitation. All fees paid to date will be forfeited despite whether work is completed or not and any outstanding invoices owing must be paid immediately to Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd. The client has a full understanding that once an investigation is active that at no time will the client or other members associated with the client and / or subject(s)show up to the location were investigations are being carried out. Doing so will cease all investigations immediately without hesitation and forfeit all fees paid to Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd. As it could possibly compromise the case and cause a reason for concern, in a matter of safety to the investigator. If this clause is broken client accepts and understands that all fees paid to date will be forfeited despite whether work is completed or not and any outstanding invoices owing must be paid immediately to Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd. If the Client wishes to be kept up to date during the course of any services conducted by Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd, client is required to have paid all fees upfront. Client completely understands that any information retrieved during the course of the investigation must be kept confidential until final completion of any investigative services. Expressing information to other members or the subject(s) under investigation will jeoprodise the case. Doing so will terminate all investigative services immediately without hesitation. Client understands this and is completely aware that all fees paid will be forfeited and any outstanding invoices must be paid immediately without hesitation. Client understands that in most cases information is only available to clients after all invoices are paid to date and any outstanding invoices must be paid immediately prior to any information such as logs, reports and footage is handed over.

Christmas and Easter period


Special notes

All client and subject information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We are bound by Australian privacy laws and can only take footage in public places, not private places. No outcome is in our control. Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd can only report facts. We cannot guarantee any outcomes when it comes to investigations. All clients wishing to pursue a service booking with Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd must understand and agree to these policies. At no time shall Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd be liable for any damages, loss of profit, damage to property or loss due to business disruption at any point through the service of security or private investigation services. We will not place our investigators or security guard in any dangerous or illegal situations. We are required to adhere to Australian laws, including road rules. It can often be beneficial to have two investigators working on a case, to help give an effective result without breaking road rules or jeopardising safety. Most investigation cases only require one investigator, but more investigators may be required on some cases. The client must understand that although it is more of an outlay to conduct an investigation with two investigators, when this occurs it is done to ensure that all bases are covered effectively so that the best possible outcome can be produced.

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