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Process Serving in Melbourne

Professional process serving for lawyers and others. We deliver documents quickly, safely and provably.

Professional Melbourne process serving

Process serving is the official delivery of legal documents. Process serving usually involves delivering court summons to begin legal proceedings. Anybody can legally deliver a summons in Victoria, but there are situations when you might want to choose professional Melbourne process serving.

Process serving for Melbourne lawyers

It is vitally important for attorneys to have their court documents delivered correctly. If things go wrong or are carried out with low standards, your professional reputation could be damaged. Unsafe and unprofessional process serving is not worth the risk.

The private agents at Melbourne Investigations are fully trained and experienced in carrying out process serving for solicitors quickly, correctly and safely.

  1. We carry out covert surveillance to identify the correct person first.
  2. We provide backup security personnel if the situation could become dangerous.
  3. We can document the entire procedure on video as proof of delivery.

Skip tracing to find missing parties

Melbourne Investigations is often contacted by lawyers who are having trouble locating someone they need to serve with documents. No solicitor can afford to spend too much time searching for missing persons, especially if the party has covered their tracks.

We have a staff of experienced private investigators who provide discreet, efficient skip tracing services to the legal profession in Australia. If you have tried and failed to find your person of interest, contact Melbourne Investigations for a confidential consultation.

Private and business process serving

At Melbourne Investigations we don’t only work with the legal profession – we also carry out process serving for business and private customers throughout Melbourne.

VCAT dispute resolution

VCAT is the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, a “one stop shop” for dispute resolution in Victoria. VCAT covers a huge range of disputes, from consumer matters to Freedom of Information applications and cases of discrimination. If you need to take someone to VCAT, you can make sure your documents are served correctly by entrusting them to Melbourne Investigations.

Divorce proceedings

Sometimes when a person is seeking a divorce their spouse can be difficult to deal with or even locate. This is often the case with domestic violence and abandonment. If you need to deliver legal documents but are unable to do so yourself, call Melbourne Investigations. We have a genuinely caring approach to dealing with these emotional situations.

If you are concerned about your spouse being abusive or dangerous we can safely deliver documents on your behalf. If you don’t know where your spouse is, we can provide complete skip tracing services to track them down.

How to start with professional Melbourne process serving

In legal cases there is always a lot at stake. Start the right way, and make sure your documents are served correctly to minimise the chances of anything going wrong. Contact Melbourne Investigations to get started.

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