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Surveillance Private Eyes Australia

Surveillance private eyes can give you answers. Are you suspicious your spouse is seeing someone else? Maybe you are concerned about your children’s friends or activities.

Let Melbourne Investigations give you peace of mind. Our network of surveillance private investigators work everywhere in Australia. We’ll follow your person of interest and observe discreetly to let you know what’s going on.

Our experienced surveillance team will watch for anything of concern. At the end of the job you can expect a full report with video evidence.

What can surveillance private eyes look into?

  1. Where your partner goes and if they are having an affair
  2. Where your teenagers go and who they meet
  3. Unusual activity near your home
  4. If you’re being followed or listened to
  5. Regular vandalism or theft on your property
  6. Suspected WorkCover fraud
  7. Verifying someone’s location for process serving
  8. Making sure your children are being cared for while in the custody of your ex
  9. Anything else requiring covert observation

Why use Melbourne Investigations for surveillance?

We use trained and experienced private eyes. Our team know how to follow and observe people covertly. Your person of interest won’t know our investigators are on the case.

Melbourne Investigations staff carry out all surveillance jobs with integrity. We understand Australian privacy laws, and will ensure your surveillance is carried out legally.

Surveillance private eyes throughout Australia

Our female investigation manager is approachable and caring. You can feel comfortable telling us your concerns. We’ll recommend the best service to give you answers.

You will always know what’s going on. We’ll keep you informed of progress, and our up front pricing prevents bill shock.

A full report with video evidence will be provided at the end of your job.

Surveillance private eyes for affairs

If you’re suspicious your partner is cheating on you, don’t ignore it. Melbourne Investigations can help. Our surveillance investigators will follow from a safe distance to find out where your partner goes and who they meet. We will provide a full report with video evidence of what we observe.

Our staff understand how much is at stake. We’ll be very careful. Your partner will not realise our private eyes are nearby. We won’t present our report until every fact is checked. And our investigation manager will be there to support you if the news is bad.

Teen surveillance investigators

Are you worried about your kids, but don’t know what to do? The first step in helping your children is finding out the facts.

Family is deeply important to Melbourne Investigations. We truly want to help your family and teenagers stay safe. If you are concerned about where your teens go and who their friends are, talk to us. Our surveillance private investigators can follow your teens discreetly to find out what is really happening in their lives.

  1. Concerns about alcohol or drugs
  2. Dangerous friends and criminal activity
  3. Sexual activity or risky behaviour

Find out where your teenage children go and who they are with

Our private eyes can find out where your children go and who their friends are. We’ll be careful to make sure your children don’t know our team is watching. The privacy and safety of your teens will be our priority. Our team can also provide a full report with video showing where your teenager went and what they did. Get some peace of mind by learning the truth about your children’s lives.

Start your surveillance private investigation

No matter what you need to check on, let’s start with a confidential discussion about your concerns. Contact Melbourne Investigations to begin finding answers.

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