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Debt Collection Help for Business

Third party debt liason officers. We negotiate directly with your debtors for you, to help you get paid.

Get debt collection assistance from Melbourne Investigations to deal with your clients who won’t pay. We are a third party debt negotiator, not a collection agency. We deal direct with your clients for you, and guide you through VCAT tribunal processes if needed.

  1. Stop handling difficult clients yourself.
  2. We negotiate for you to get a calmer and more favourable outcome.
  3. Get guidance with legal processes if needed.

Tradesmen and small businesses can easily get burnt when a client refuses to pay. The longer it drags out, the more likely it will turn ugly and you won’t get paid. We aim to give you the best chance of collecting what you’re owed, in a calm and professional manner.

Debt liaison officers, not debt collectors

Melbourne Investigations is not a debt collection agency. We don’t buy your bad debt for cents on the dollar after you’ve given up hope. Our staff step in to negotiate directly with your non-paying clients on your behalf. We keep things calm and professional, and work hard to get you your money.

If no agreement can be made, we’ll help you through the process of taking your case to VCAT (Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal).

When you engage Melbourne Investigations for help in debt recovery, you can have peace of mind that experienced private investigators are on the job. We work to high professional standards, and safety is our top priority.

How to get debt collection help

If you are a small business or tradesman dealing with nonpayment, let’s talk. Contact Melbourne Investigations today.

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