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Fast Track your Private Investigation

Get up to three investigators on your case. Fast 3 – 4 day turnaround and no compromise on results.

  • Three investigators on your case
  • Fast 3 – 4 day turnaround when possible
  • No compromise on safety or results

When you need fast private investigations, talk to Melbourne Investigations. Our Fast Track option gets your case investigated with top priority and resources. We aim to resolve your case in 3 – 4 days.
Fast Track is available for missing person and skip tracing investigations, background and address checks, and other select cases in Victoria. Fast Track is suitable for any private, business or legal clients who need quick results.

Fast Track for speedy investigations

The Fast Track option from Melbourne Investigations gets your case investigated with the greatest speed possible. We will commit our staff and resources to provide you with the quickest private investigation we can.

  1. Up to three highly trained private agents will be put on your case.
  2. We will quickly access special information sources and start covert surveillance if necessary.
  3. We will aim to finalise your case within 3 – 4 days if possible.

When you need results fast, call Melbourne Investigations to discuss our Fast Track option.

Fast Track for safe investigations

Our Melbourne based private investigators will always protect your interests by acting with complete discretion. Our agents will be careful to make sure your person of interest never knows they are being investigated or placed under surveillance.

Rest assured that our staff also abide by all Australian laws and privacy principles. We provide professional, safe investigations for all our clients.

Who uses Fast Track investigations?

People request Fast Track investigations for any number of urgent personal, legal or business reasons.

  1. People who are being threatened or harassed, or who need to take out a restraining order.
  2. People desperate to find out if their husband or wife is having an affair.
  3. People who want a background check on their new romantic interest, to make sure they aren’t married or have a criminal record.
  4. Solicitors who need fast address checks or process serving.
  5. Business owners who need to track down past employees for court summons.

If you have any matter needing urgent investigation and you can’t wait to get answers, consider a Fast Track option from Melbourne Investigations.

Get started on your Fast Track investigation

Contact Melbourne Investigations to get started on your fast track investigation.

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