Cheating investigations FAQ

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Are there any signs that my spouse might be cheating?

There are many different signs that could point towards infidelity. Common signs we see include a husband or wife looking after their appearance more, being protective with their phone, starting arguments or being extra nice, or working longer hours. Of course, these behaviours are not proof, but they can be warning signs.

How do you actually conduct a cheating investigation?

The first step in any adultery investigation is to obtain a brief on the person of interest. This includes a photo, why the customer is suspicious, and any other information that may be useful. Each case is different and involves different investigation techniques, but some of the methods we use include following people, surveillance, and taking video and photographs.

Will my spouse find out they are being investigated?

No, Melbourne Investigations will never disclose or make a person aware that they are being investigated – before, during or after the investigation. However, it’s also important that the customer does not give information away to the suspected partner, either intentionally or unintentionally. Showing signs of emotional weakness or anger, or questioning their movements, can make the cheating partner more careful and possibly ruin the chance for a successful investigation.

How long does it take to catch a cheater?

Every cheating investigation case presents different obstacles and amounts of information available. No private investigator can guarantee a set time frame to obtain particular evidence. It’s best to contact Melbourne Investigations to discuss the particulars of your case so that we can advise you directly.

How much does a cheating investigation cost?

The cost of an adultery investigation depends on several things. Before beginning the investigation, we will consider the expected hours worked, number of investigators on the case, and what services will be required.

How will the facts be presented to me?

Our findings are always presented in a professional manner. Where appropriate this can include video footage on CD or DVD, still photographs, and a log of activities.

I’m scared of what you’ll find out. Will you help me?

If we gather evidence that a customer’s husband or wife is cheating on them, we present the facts clearly and impartially. We know this can be a most difficult time, and we endeavour to handle all cases with the greatest compassion and discretion. We also offer to help and advise the client until we are confident they are ok to proceed without us. Our private investigators always place the client’s best interests at heart, and you can always be sure of having a caring and friendly voice to speak to.

Why should I hire Melbourne Investigations?

Melbourne Investigations looks into suspected infidelity with the utmost sensitivity and discretion. Our customers’ privacy is guarded carefully, and we truly have our customers’ best interests at heart. We treat every client with compassion and respect.

Our private eyes are experienced and know how to investigate suspected cheating efficiently. Importantly, we are unbiased in how we approach each case, and make no judgements about any outcomes. This way we can focus on finding out the simple facts and presenting them to the client clearly, and the client can trust that our own opinions have not influenced our findings.

What next?

If you are concerned that your partner or spouse might be having an affair, you need to find out the truth. The private eyes at Melbourne Investigations are discreet, caring and ready to help. Contact us today to begin the process of finding out for sure.

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