Trust your instincts if you suspect an affair

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When something has changed and doesn’t sit right, you embark on trusting those instincts and hire a private investigator that catches cheating spouses. Although it may at first seem like the wrong thing to do as it really questions your trust and loyalty, sometimes you just need to trust in your instincts if you want the truth.

A question most private investigators hear often is “is my partner having an affair?” There is only one way to find out, and if he isn’t then that’s a bonus.

Its a beautiful story when two people are solely committed to one another. So what’s changed?

Something just dose not feel right. Your gut feeling is twisting into a knot, although at first you try to shrug it off and ignore it until you start to notice things are a bit different. You notice your man has started using his mobile a lot more. But you don’t understand as what would he know about texting. His car that’s always a bomb site is surprisingly clean. No rubbish or drink bottles lying around in the back seat, no dirty work jumpers.

When he leaves in the morning in his grumpy usual state and returns with so much joy compared to normal, something seems a bit odd about it. Then he starts coming home from work wearing your favourite aftershave that you love so much on him, but it doesn’t make sense as he’s just come home from his mechanical job.

When you question why he is bouncing home so happy and smelling nice after a dirty shift his response is “Well can’t a man be happy to come home to his family and smell nice for his wife?” You know as convincing as it sounds and as much as you want to believe it is true – something may have changed.

One of our clients had this exact scenario happen to her and after she hired a private investigator, soon found out that something had definitely changed. They had a new secretary at the mechanical shop. Both the husband and the receptionist had been hitting it off. This was a very unexpected scenario with minimal signs to suggest infidelity – but the wife new her husband better than anyone else.

Sometimes just the slightest change can be a reason for questioning, but you don’t want to compromise your loyalty and trust and feel terrible for doing so. Knowing the facts from a private investigator is hard, but not knowing is harder. If you want to start making sure of what’s happening, contact Melbourne Investigations.

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