5 warning signs your husband might be cheating on you

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Suspecting your husband is cheating is one of the most heartbreaking things any woman can go through. Are you picking up on some warning signs that your husband might be unfaithful?

It can be hard to know what to look for. Some cheating husband signs can be subtle or well hidden, while others are more obvious. If you’re suspicious your husband is cheating, here are five warning signs to look out for.

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5 warning signs your husband may be cheating

1. Unusual spending

Have your husband’s spending habits changed? If he is wining and dining someone else, he’s probably racking up some unusual credit card bills. If you notice his statements have a lot of restaurants, bars, hotels or unusual gifts that you didn’t receive, he could be spending time with someone else.

2. Mobile phone secrecy

If your husband leaves the room to talk or whispers on the phone, there might be something he doesn’t want you to hear. The same is true if he is receiving text messages he doesn’t want you to see. There’s nothing wrong with having some privacy, but if he always moves to another room when he is using his phone, your spouse could be hiding something.

3. Health and appearance

Sometimes men who are having an affair become more concerned with their health, weight and appearance. Maybe your husband has started exercising, eating better or buying new clothes when these things haven’t interested him before?

4. Loss of interest in family life

Most people realize that a man who cheats eventually loses interest in the bedroom. If things get to this stage there are probably other alarm bells going off too. But less well known is that cheaters may also lose interest in family and home activities. If your husband no longer shows much interest in the children, family time or helping out around the house, it might mean he’s paying attention elsewhere.

5. Extra online accounts

You know about your husband’s email address and Facebook account. But what if you discovered he had other accounts you didn’t know about? If your husband has secret email or social accounts, it’s a big warning sign that he is keeping something from you. Search for the newly discovered email address or username in Google. You might be surprised at what you can find out quite easily.

Every situation is different, and watching for these five signs may or may not work for you. But if your intuition says something is wrong, you need to find out for sure.

If your husband is showing signs of having an affair

Sadly, many women have to face the possibility that their husband is cheating. If you’re suspicious, you must find out the truth. But it can be helpful to get proof before accusing your husband of anything.

One way to know for sure is to hire a private investigator. The private eyes at Melbourne Investigations specialise in thorough, caring cheating husband investigations. We are careful not to let the husband know he is being investigated, and we make sure of the facts before reporting our findings. Our agents genuinely care about your well being and are ready to talk and assist you if we find out the worst. Contact Melbourne Investigations today to get started.

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