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5 ways to see if your husband is having an affair

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For wives who suspect their husband is having an affair, there are ways to find out a little more info discreetly. But think carefully before trying anything! Marriage is terribly important, and you need very good reasons before acting on your suspicions that your husband is cheating.

You also have to be careful not to give yourself away. If you’re right and your husband really is having an affair, if he discovers your investigation he will become even more careful. It could ruin any chance of really getting at the truth or gathering solid evidence.

If you’re wrong and your husband is really innocent, finding you checking up on him behind his back could damage your relationship.

After you have thought about it, if you’re sure you want to proceed, here are some simple ways to investigate a suspected cheating husband.

How to check if your husband is having an affair

1. Get mobile phone records

If possible, obtain your husband’s mobile phone records from the past six months or so. It could be on his phone statement. Go through numbers that you find frequently and find out who owns them.

2. Check the car odometer

You want to know how many kilometers your husband is driving each day. If he says he only went to work, but the car shows that he traveled much further, he might be spending time with someone else.

3. Write down what you find

Become a copious note taker. Write down all of your findings and save them for a later date. Jot down exact times, names, addresses and what happened. It’s much better if you save them to a password protected computer file and place the file in some obscure folder. Make sure to keep a backup copy in a different location.

4. Contact Melbourne Investigations

If you know that your husband is cheating, or you have a strong suspicion but can’t catch him in the act, it’s time to hire professionals. Don’t confront him before you have solid evidence, because he may begin to try to hide all of the facts and evidence, and make it harder for you to catch him again.

Melbourne Investigations has highly trained private eyes, who carry out affair investigations discreetly and efficiently. Your husband will not know we are investigating him, so we will have a good chance of finding out the truth. Melbourne Investigations also place a large emphasis on being supportive and compassionate to our clients who are dealing with these very difficult situations.

5. Get legal and relationship advice

If your husband is cheating on you, it’s best to have legal advice so you really understand the situation and implications. You need to know where you stand before you confront your husband.  You may also want to look for a marriage counselor to try and save your marriage.

Sadly, there are many Australian women who are asking, “Is my husband having an affair?” But maybe he isn’t spending his time with another woman. You may never know for sure until you check him out. Contact our team at Melbourne Investigations and get the facts.

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