Bug sweeping Melbourne

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Miniature recording and tracking devices are cheap and readily available over the internet. These devices can easily be used to invade your privacy. If you feel you are being spied on, call Melbourne Investigations for a bug and tracker detection service or security consultation.

Detecting hidden cameras, microphones and vehicle trackers

  1. Hidden video cameras and microphones.
  2. GPS vehicle trackers that log your movements.
  3. Suspicions of bugs in your vehicle, home or business.

Melbourne Investigations carries out professional bug finding in Australia. Our private investigators have special training and equipment to help detect if a hidden camera is recording you or if a vehicle tracker is monitoring your movements.

Typical locations for bugs to be installed are in cars, inside your ceiling or under the bed. GPS vehicle trackers can be placed surreptitiously anywhere on your car or truck.

If you are concerned your privacy is being violated, contact Melbourne Investigations to request a bug sweeping service today.

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