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Private investigation FAQ

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How much do private investigations cost?

Every case is different, so it’s best to discuss your situation with us first. We will provide you a set price in line with your budget.

In general terms, we charge a flat hourly rate for private investigations. Kilometers traveled from our call out location and in pursuit of a person of interest are also charged, but we do not charge for travel time.

What is included?

A log of activities carried out during the course of investigations, as well as video footage and still photographic shots depending on the requirements of the case.

How are investigations carried out?

Melbourne Investigations uses many different methods. Depending on the case, we may use surveillance, recording and photography, following people, conducting interviews and accessing specialised information sources.

How do I get started on an investigation?

The first step is a no obligation, confidential discussion about your investigation case. Contact us to get started.

Will my subject know they are being investigated or followed?

No. Our private investigators are highly trained, careful and discreet. We will never approach or make the person of interest aware that they are under investigation at any point – prior to, during or after the investigation.

What about privacy?

At no point will a client’s case be discussed or disclosed for any reason unless it becomes a police matter. All information is kept private and confidential at all times. More details are available in our Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Why should I hire a private investigator?

Melbourne Investigations retains highly trained private investigators. We are skilled in gathering facts and evidence regarding your concerns or suspicions. We work efficiently and are up front about all costs. See some of our customer reviews.

Can’t I do my own investigation?

There are good reasons for letting a professional carry our your private investigation. There are privacy laws to abide by, and possible issues of personal safety. In addition, if you are discovered it could ruin any chance of obtaining evidence or information. Melbourne Investigations also has access to special information sources and equipment, and the training to carry out a successful investigation.

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