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Our private investigators are fully trained and licensed

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As with most other professions, private investigators must be trained to carry out the job properly. Qualification involves extensive theoretical and practical training, as well as book study to understand the legal system behind the job. This aspect of the private investigation business is not always the most exciting, but it is crucial to the success of any investigation agent.

The private eyes at Melbourne Investigations are fully trained and certified in Australia, so that they can work efficiently and produce real results for their clients.

It is important to note, however, that many private investigators have experience in industries that relate to surveillance and evidence gathering. Many investigators are former police officers, crime scene investigators, or have a background in surveillance in one form or another. For these people, their prior experience makes the transition to private investigation easier.

Of course, there is still some training involved regardless of the background of the individual. Much of this training involves the ethical and legal issues that any private investigator will face during his or her career. And of course, a private eye needs to understand how to properly gather information, dissect it, and turn it into useful results. This isn’t something the average person knows how to do, and it generally requires some training. The interview process and proper surveillance techniques must also be understood before an investigator can join his peers. For this reason many countries, like Australia, require a training course prior to receiving certification and licensing as a private eye.

Here at Melbourne Investigations, our agents are all trained and certified according to Australian laws and guidelines. Our professional guidelines and training help us serve our clients well, ensuring that any investigation is done to a high standard and without any infringement on the law.

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