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Use a professional private eye to prevent legal trouble

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Just like every country, Australia requires private investigation agents to obey the law. In fictional movies and books, private eyes often ‘bend’ the law to get the information or evidence they are looking for. In real life, this could result in the arrest of an investigator and / or the elimination of any evidence he gathered while breaking the law.

For this reason, investigators are careful to follow the law and avoid putting themselves or evidence at risk.

Let’s shed some light on the practice of private investigation in the eyes of the law. There are certain things which are legal in one nation that are completely illegal in another. For example, it is illegal to gather information or conduct surveillance on private property in Australia. However, if an agent is parked in a vehicle on a public street while gathering such evidence, then it is legal. Privacy laws are another concern many clients and investigators share. With an ever changing world, it can be difficult to keep up with new laws regarding privacy.

Under the right circumstances, it is possible for any private person or investigator to make a citizens arrest. This is not common practice though. It may not be legal under the particular circumstances, and it may be dangerous! It’s often best to simply call the police if necessary and let them handle it.

Wiretapping is illegal and can result in the arrest of an investigator. It is also illegal for any individual to imitate law enforcement and request private information. Phone records and other such data are generally protected under privacy laws and are untouchable by the general public.

To avoid breaking the law, it is always a good idea to hire private eyes who understand the law and adhere to it. Hiring Melbourne Investigations will result in evidence and information that was legally obtained and that can be used in court. Contact us for a confidential chat about how we can assist you.

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