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How to choose a good process server – Guide

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A good process server does more than just deliver documents. They provide a complete professional service.

Good process servers can track down your intended recipient if they are missing. They deliver documents safely, to the right person, at the right time. And they keep your reputation safe.

Entrusting your good reputation to a bad process server is risky. Here’s how to choose a good process server.

What a good process server looks like

Hollywood portrays process servers as being pretty shady. Some of the stereotypes include:

  • Rude or cynical attitude
  • Intimidating behaviour
  • Deceptive to the people they are dealing with
  • Trespassing on private property

Believe us – any agent who acted like this would lose their job fast. Reputable process serving agencies only work with professionals.

Australian process servers must pass a criminal history check and be licensed. They carry their license or photo ID at all times, and must show it on request. Many process servers have years of experience, and some used to be police officers.

Plenty of people skip town rather than face legal trouble. Good process servers understand how to find people who don’t want to be found.

Professional agents observe their target and the environment before delivery. If possible, they will approach the recipient in a public place. This will help make sure delivery is safe and trouble free.

Good process servers treat everyone involved with respect. They are never rude or intimidating. Deception and trespassing are entirely unnecessary. Professional agents know how to identify when and where documents should be delivered.

Good process servers protect your reputation

What’s more, professional process servers understand how important your reputation is. They act respectfully and lawfully to preserve your professional reputation. They will not behave in a way that reflects poorly on you.

Can you imagine trusting your reputation to someone who wasn’t a professional?

Now that you know what a good process server looks like, it’s time to start searching for one.

Shopping around for a good process server

A simple Google search will give you plenty of results for process servers in your area. How can you tell which ones are good?

First carry out a few basic business checks. This will help identify any agencies that might be questionable.

Of those that look alright, look for online reviews. What do their past customers think of them? Remember that reviews tend to represent the extremely good and bad experiences people had. A balanced mix of genuine-seeming reviews, received over a long period of time, is a good sign.

Next you might check the agency’s website. Do they give plenty of information about their process serving? Do they seem to be professional?

But try not to judge a book by its cover. Excellent process servers can have out of date websites. But if their website goes some way to reassure you, that counts for something.

Now you might have a short list of process servers you think might be good. It’s time to ask some questions.

Ask questions to find a good process server

Good process servers should be open to your questions. You are entrusting them with your money and reputation.

Any business owner should be ready and able to explain their services and their benefits to you. Process servers are no different. If they have confidence in their own offering, they should welcome your questions.

Think about the characteristics of a good process server, outlined above. Try to see if the person you are talking to on the phone matches that profile.

Some basic questions to ask your process server include:

  • Are you trained and licensed?
  • Where can I view your license information?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • What is included in a process serving job?
  • What if something goes wrong?

If the answers don’t give you confidence, move on.

But if you like what you hear, well done! You might have just found yourself a good process server.

Process serving everywhere in Australia

We are Melbourne Investigations, a full service agency that provides process serving. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful.

If you’re looking for professional process serving anywhere in Australia, we invite you to contact us. Our agents are trained, experienced and licensed. We pride ourselves on acting with complete integrity to keep your reputation safe.

We’re ready for your call.

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