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Online dating or romance? Don’t get scammed!

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The world of dating has changed beyond recognition in just one generation. Back before the internet revolution, couples would ordinarily meet through friends, work and going to the local bar. While these are still ways to meet and find love, the internet has opened up a different kind of search.

Millions of us are currently registered with online dating agencies, social networks and online chat rooms. This virtual world allows people to connect with others using searches tailored to their likes and wants in a partner. The method of finding love online is almost like walking into a shop and trying on an outfit to see if it fits. But sometimes the person on the other end of that Tinder profile isn’t who they seem to be.

The dangers of online relationships

Unfortunately there is a big down side to online dating and forming online relationships – you can’t physically see or interact with the person you are talking to. You can’t hear their voice in person and accurately judge whatever they tell you about themselves. You just have to take their word as the truth until you know otherwise.

There are of course millions of genuine profiles out there, of genuine people looking for love. But there are also those out there who for reasons of profitable gain are looking to target the vulnerable and lonely. Relationship scammers want to take your money, and with it your happiness.

How love scammers operate

When you use an online dating site, you need to ensure that you stay safe. Scammers are very clever at befriending people; they sound charming and know exactly the right things to say to make you feel wanted and great about yourself. It can be easy to get sucked into their trap.

Once a scammer knows they have your trust and (more than likely) your love, they will start the sympathy line. Perhaps they have a relative who is very ill; they don’t have the money for treatment in hospital. This is when alarm bells should be ringing, but sadly many people are so in love they choose to believe the best about the person asking for help. Before you know it you have emptied your life savings into a foreign account and your “true love” has disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Thousands of people fall victim to these online scams. Despite the pleas of the scammers that they have a sick loved one who they care very much about and are desperate to help, all they want to do is take people’s money. Their victims are left with empty pockets and a broken heart.

How can you be more sure about your online love?

Private investigators for online romance

If you find yourself getting involved with someone online, but you think you need a bit more certainty about who they are, call Melbourne Investigations. Our private investigators can advise you on how to handle the situation, as well as conducting some discreet enquiries. A relationship background check may help discover if they are who they say they are – or perhaps find out if they are faking. Through our investigative techniques, we are able to find out all sorts of hidden secrets that you would otherwise not know about.

If you are looking to hire a private investigator for an online relationship background check, contact Melbourne Investigations. We offer a range of discreet investigation services to meet your needs. Find love in a safe and happy environment, and don’t get scammed online!

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