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3 ways being a private eye is challenging

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What’s so hard about being a private eye in Melbourne? That is a question we sometimes get asked. You might be surprised that private investigation work could be considered hard or tough. Then again, Humphrey Bogart never seemed to have an easy time of it on his cases! Here are three of the difficult aspects of the job.

1. Long surveillance

There’s nothing romantic about being part of long surveillance jobs. It’s hard to stay alert and concentrate on your surroundings for long periods of time, it’s also hard on your rear end. But you certainly do learn to find your way around Melbourne.

2. Not everyone is happy

For reasons beyond our control, you cannot make everyone happy. This often occurs because people have unrealistic expectations. Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to deliver the results people want. Maybe the truth is not what they expected or what they want to hear, or maybe the evidence simple wasn’t there to gather. No private investigator can promise you that they will always be successful. We can only promise you that we will perform the best job that anyone can.

3. Informing someone their partner is cheating

It’s never easy telling someone that their husband or wife is having an affair. We make a special point of being supportive in these situations – being available to talk things through, advise or just be a friend. It all takes an emotional toll.

Even though being a private investigator can be difficult, that’s no different to most jobs. We love our work and look forward to helping you with your investigation.

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