Why a reliable skip tracer is worth their weight in gold for lawyers

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Great news! The judge ruled in your favour and you won a sizeable amount of money for your client. There’s just one problem: the person who has been ordered to pay can’t be found.

In this situation, one of your best options for recovering this cash is to hire a reliable skip tracer.

For a fee, these private investigators will help you locate a missing party involved with your client’s case. However, you need to make sure you are hiring a good skip tracer so you can get results and value for money.

Here’s some information about skip tracers and how to make sure you find the right person for the job:

What is a skip tracer?

Skip tracing is a service legal professionals use when they need to find somebody who is making themselves scarce.

Lawyers often need help to locate a witness, debtor or a client’s relative. In these circumstances, it is important to have accurate and reliable information which is delivered in time for court dates and other deadlines.

The services of a skip tracer include:

  • Tracking down parties in divorce and child support cases
  • Locating beneficiaries for wills and estates
  • Confirming addresses and process serving
  • Finding debtors or other parties of interest
  • Detailed missing person searches when a standard check isn’t enough
  • Bespoke services based on client requirements

How skip tracing works

A professional skip tracer starts the process by gathering as many details as possible about the person they are trying to locate. They then take the information and get to work, using specialised databases to track down more relevant information.

Your resourceful investigator will then delve deep to uncover hidden facts or previously unseen connections. They’ll pass the information to field agents, or undertake further investigations to confirm or rule out leads.

A skip tracer will push the limits to find who they are looking for but will always be discrete. They pursue multiple avenues of an investigation while being careful to act within the limits of the law. We’re not talking about Hollywood-style bounty hunters who come out with all guns blazing!

The pitfalls of a bad skip tracer

Hiring a skip tracer is one thing. Hiring a reliable one is a different story.

If your skip tracer doesn’t get the job done on time, as a lawyer you’ll be faced with missed court dates or a lack of witnesses. There’s also the frustrating issue of unpaid debts, which can have serious implications for your client (and for you being paid for your work).

It pays for lawyers to use a professional skip tracer

What’s more, an unprofessional skip tracer can deliver the wrong person or conduct their investigations in such a way as to negatively impact on legal proceedings. These types of mistakes can reflect badly on your business.

Unfortunately, some operators in the skip tracing business are happy to take your money in return for minimal effort. They may seem legitimate but their skip trace could be nothing more than a quick Google search and a skim through a couple of databases. Not surprisingly, these searches don’t get the same results as a thorough skip trace procedure. You’ll be given a bill but won’t be able to move forward with your case.

Finding a reliable skip tracer

The hallmarks of an effective skip tracer are experience and determination. When seeking someone to take on this job for you, look for an established operator who has an excellent reputation that has been built up over many years.

Your skip tracer should confirm with you that they will act with complete discretion and can tailor their interactions with any people of interest.

Talk to your skip tracer about the resources they’ll use and how they’ll follow up on every lead. They will be able to work to a deadline and throw everything they have at an investigation until they have located your missing person.

Skip tracing from Melbourne Investigations

The skip tracing specialists at Melbourne Investigations work closely with lawyers to track down people who are difficult to find.

Established in 2010, we have an outstanding record of uncovering data and locating people who have made an effort to stay under the radar. Our skip tracing services include clever techniques to deliver results more quickly.

With a wealth of experience and a ‘never give up’ approach, we’re serious about building our reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy skip tracers in the business.

Contact us for creative solutions for the hard-to-solve jobs, a highly professional approach and accurate results.

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