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Why a discreet adultery investigation is important

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It’s vital your partner or spouse doesn’t know you’ve hired a private eye. If they know they’re under investigation for adultery, your chances of a result are slim. Here are our tips for running a discreet adultery investigation in Australia.

Why a discreet adultery investigation is a must

It’s a practical thing. If your husband or wife actually is cheating on you, they’re already on guard. So if they catch wind of an investigation they’ll be extra careful to hide their affair. This will make it much harder to find the truth.

And what if your partner is innocent? If they know you’re investigating them, you might harm your relationship. Your husband or wife will be deeply hurt and lose trust in you. This is why we usually only work with people who are quite sure they are the victim of an affair.

Make sure you don’t tip off your partner

If you’re ready to hire a private eye, it’s time to prepare to keep it hidden. But running a discreet adultery investigation can be difficult, as so many emotions are in turmoil.

Firstly, if you can, try not to change your behaviour suddenly. This could tip off your partner that something’s going on. Try to act naturally if possible. It might make your partner cautious if you become awkward or unusually chatty around them.

Make sure you don’t leave clues lying around your home. If your husband or wife might check your phone or computer, think about how to prevent discovery.

  • Make sure you remove call history to or from your private eye.
  • Delete text messages that relate to your investigation.
  • Consider setting up a new, private email address to communicate with your investigator.
  • Don’t set up lock security or passwords if you don’t already use them.

Use a separate email address for your private eye communications

And one last thing. Don’t tell anyone else about hiring a private investigator. They could spoil your case by giving away the game accidentally.

Hire someone experienced in discreet adultery investigations

You can take all the precautions in the world, but they aren’t worth much if your private eye gets spotted.

Staying unobserved takes a lot of skill. Knowing when to back off, finding a good vantage point and staying inconspicuous. Inexperienced agents can accidentally draw attention to themselves.

If your partner is having a secret affair, they’re being vigilant about detection. You need someone on the case who can stay hidden. Someone who can follow your spouse all evening and get clear video footage of who they meet. All without being seen.

Melbourne Investigations works with private eyes across Australia who fit the bill. Our field agents regularly conduct discreet adultery investigations. Your husband, wife or partner will never know we’re watching and recording them. We’ll present our findings to you complete with video evidence. Our investigation manager is easy to talk to and ready to stand by you no matter the outcome.

Get in touch with Melbourne Investigations today if you need a careful, discreet adultery investigation – anywhere in Australia.

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