Simple ways to prevent accidental data leaks

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Data security is a growing concern for business. Hacking and internal breaches are well known threats. But what about accidental data leaks?

Your employees and systems could be a weak point in your data security. In 2017 there was a 560% increase in the number of reported accidental data leaks. Lack of awareness and inadequate security policies could make your business vulnerable.

Here are some simple ways to get started in preventing accidental data leaks.

Get a security audit for accidental data loss

It’s hard to counter a threat if you don’t understand it. First conduct a security audit to identify your weak points.

Your internal IT staff can help with this. Another option is a third party cyber security contractor like Melbourne Investigations.

Some weak points for accidental data breaches include:

  1. Data access policies. Is there control over who has access to information?
  2. Physical access. Are staff using USB sticks to take data home? Do they mix personal and business use on their phones?
  3. Employee sharing. Could your staff spread data accidentally through social media?

Once you understand your data security weaknesses, you can do something about them.

Train your employees to avoid accidental data leaks

Your staff have access to your most sensitive information. Do they know how to keep it safe?

Human error is responsible for 30% of data leaks. Employee training can help stop accidental breaches.

Talk to your IT staff or a security specialist like Melbourne Investigations. They can write a training action plan that’s specific to your needs.

Regular training around your own weak spots is vital. If your employees are more aware of how data loss can happen, they can help prevent it.

Monitor employee sharing to prevent accidental data leaks

Most of your employees use email and social media. Office jobs also regularly use file sharing services like Dropbox.

If your staff are using sharing tools at work, it’s sensible to monitor it. Accidentally sharing data publicly, instead of privately, is an easy mistake. Once the information is out there publicly, there’s no going back.

There are new data breach laws in Australia. Keep yourself safe by auditing how your employees use sharing. You might help prevent a reportable leak.

If your company needs help preventing accidental data leaks, contact Melbourne Investigations. We arrange security audits, training and ongoing management of your data risks.

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