How to use communication to prevent infidelity

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What causes affairs? Lack of intimacy and unsatisfying sex is what most people think of. But poor communication is actually a bigger cause of infidelity.

In one survey, poor communication contributed to an affair for 68% of men and 75% of women. Sex was much less important.

If communication is that important in a relationship, it should be a priority. Here are some ways to use communication to keep your relationship healthy and help prevent infidelity.

Why communication is so important

Communication is like glue that keeps your marriage or partnership healthy. There are lots of ways it helps you stick together:

Communication can have a huge effect on the success of a relationship. But what does it actually mean?

Types of communication to prevent infidelity

Communication is more than just talking. It’s an overall honesty, openness and togetherness in a relationship. Communication involves things like:

  • Spending time with each other and having experiences together
  • Physical and emotional closeness and comfort
  • Sharing life, decisions and parenting together

How does your relationship look? If you want to help guard against infidelity, make sure you aren’t neglecting any of these areas.

Prioritise communication to prevent infidelity

A healthy relationship has a better chance of lasting. Make the effort to keep communication open in your marriage. This can help build bonds with your partner and strengthen your relationship. When rocky times come, you’ll have a better foundation to rely on. Good communication can reduce one of the biggest causes of infidelity.

Are you still worried your partner might be cheating?

If you make an effort at good communication you’re already ahead of many couples. But sadly, things sometimes still go wrong.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that communication is breaking down, and you’re worried your partner is connecting with someone else. f you’re worried your partner could be having an affair, it’s important to find out for your own wellbeing.

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