Skip Tracing and Address Checks

Fast, high quality skip tracing and address checks for Victorian lawyers and business owners.

Skip tracing from Melbourne Investigations helps find and confirm a person’s address or other details. We provide skip tracing and address check services to lawyers and business owners across Australia. Our investigators are experienced in working with business to deliver fast, professional results.

We access special data sources to find the information you need. Types of data that can be found include addresses, names, vehicle details and legal records.

Skip tracing and data checks for lawyers

Solicitors often need to locate parties or confirm details in legal matters. If you need to check a person’s address or other data, call Melbourne Investigations. We cover all skip tracing scenarios for the legal profession.

  1. Abandonment, divorce and child support issues.
  2. Debtors or other parties of interest.
  3. Finding beneficiaries for wills and estates.
  4. Confirming details for process serving.

We also conduct in-depth missing person searches when a standard check isn’t enough.

Special skip tracing service for lawyers

Melbourne Investigations understands that legal professionals need fast, reliable results. You can’t afford to spend time on dead ends trying to check an address or trace a missing person. Our investigators are experienced in using specialised information sources to efficiently find your data. Spend time with your clients instead.

In a hurry?

Quality skip tracing takes up to 5 days. Fast track your case for priority service.

Professionalism and discretion are also a top priority. Your reputation could be damaged by any negative conduct that links back to your practice. Our Melbourne skip tracing staff work with the utmost discretion – and they understand all relevant laws and privacy guidelines to make sure nothing reflects badly on you.

Address checks for business

Business owners and employers sometimes need to check an address or other personal details. If you are hiring, you may want to make sure prospective employees are who they claim to be. Whatever the situation, Melbourne Investigations provides address checking and other data services that are tailored for business.

  1. Employment background checks.
  2. Business intelligence.
  3. Employees involved in WorkCover fraud.
  4. Verifying customer or vendor details.
  5. Contacting past customers or employees.

Our business investigators can check addresses fast across Victoria and Australia. We have a high success rate and work efficiently to control your costs.

Address checks for Melbourne businesses

Skip tracing debtors

Some people respond to financial or relationship problems by running away. The skip tracers at Melbourne Investigations can sift through all available data sources to help find people who owe you money. Our private investigators are Australian trained and focused on bringing you results.

  1. Business debtors who don’t want to pay you.
  2. Ex-husband or ex-wife who owes you support.

What types of data can we check?

Melbourne Investigations has access to special information sources that are not available to the general public. We are experienced in searching this data for clues, making connections and delivering the information you need.

Legal and court records

  1. State court records
  2. Caveat checks
  3. Judgments and defaults

Location and property checks

  1. Address checks
  2. Address history and occupants
  3. Vehicle registration / ownership
  4. Property address searches

Personal status

  1. Names and aliases
  2. Relationship status
  3. Employment status
  4. Phone number checks
  5. Archival and historical searches

Why choose Melbourne Investigations for skip tracing?

We know that lawyers and business owners need two things from their skip tracing service: professional conduct and results.

When you engage Melbourne Investigations you are immediately backed by a team of trained, experienced professionals.

Our investigators adhere fully to all laws and privacy guidelines. They act with complete discretion to avoid any negative reflection on you. The use of a third party skip tracing service also works as a professional buffer between you and your person of interest.

Our skip trace success rates are high. We don’t do a quick Google address search and call it a day. We have access to a wide range of specialised information sources, and we know how to use them. Our staff work the data to discover hidden connections, and do their best to bring you a result. If your person of interest is more difficult to find, we offer an in-depth missing person search that leaves no stone unturned.

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