Child custody surveillance in Australia

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Need to know your children are safe with your ex? Child custody surveillance can provide the evidence you need.

Before we get into it: if you or your children are in danger, call the police immediately. They can protect you from an abusive ex-partner and gather evidence that will hold up in court.

Why child custody surveillance?

After everything you’ve been through, it can be scary handing over your children to your ex. Even though the law gave them partial custody, who knows what happens when you’re not there? You know your ex partner the best. If you’re concerned they aren’t being responsible, don’t ignore it. Even though there are systems in place to protect you and your kids, they don’t always quite work out.

Child custody surveillance might sound like an extreme measure. It’s not. You need reassurance that your partner is actually taking care of your children. Maybe you need to check that the court-appointed supervisor is there. Sometimes, you just need to make sure your children are safe.

Hire child custody surveillance professionals

Child custody surveillance from Melbourne Investigations

When you have concerns about the safety of your children, it can be overwhelming. Here at Melbourne Investigations, we’ve seen and heard it all. You can feel completely safe speaking to our female investigations manager. She will help you understand your options. You can use child custody surveillance to make sure your kids are safe. We can give you peace of mind.

One of our expert private eyes can discreetly film how your children are cared for and kept safe. All our private eyes are strictly professional and adhere to Australian privacy laws. So there are no issues if you need to use any of the videos in court.

We help in 3 main situations:

  1. Gathering video evidence of your ex-partner’s public conduct with your children.
  2. Showing that your ex is leaving your children with someone else.
  3. Proving the court-appointed supervisor is not present during visits.

Please note: we cannot undertake surveillance if there is an AVO in place. We also must have your permission to video your children.

Our field agents have years of experience in child custody surveillance. We deeply care about our clients and the wellbeing of their families. But, our involvement is strictly limited to surveillance. We cannot intervene, only make sure they are cared for as they should be. What you decide to do with the information we provide is up to you.

Are you concerned about the safety of your children? Melbourne Investigations can help you rest easy – get in touch now.

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