Surveillance Investigators and Family Safety

Surveillance investigators who can help give you peace of mind about who your kids or partner meet with.

  • Learn where your teenagers go and help keep them safe
  • Check if your partner is seeing someone else
  • Discreet staff who care about your family’s safety

Are you worried about who your children’s friends are? Or are you suspicious your partner is spending time with someone else? The surveillance investigators at Melbourne Investigations can help. Our private eyes will follow and watch from a safe distance to let you know what’s going on.

Our surveillance investigators are fully trained and careful to make sure they go unnoticed. They can watch for anything you are worried about and give you a full report with photos or video.

  1. Where your teenagers go and who they meet
  2. Where your partner goes and who they spend time with
  3. Unusual parked cars or people loitering near your home
  4. Being followed or feeling you are being watched
  5. Vandalism, graffiti or theft

Teenager surveillance investigators

Melbourne Investigations believes families are deeply important. We truly want to help your family and teenagers stay safe. If you are concerned about where your teens go and who their friends are, talk to us. Our surveillance investigators can follow your teenagers discreetly to find out what is really happening in their lives.

  1. Getting involved with drink or drugs
  2. Dangerous friends or getting mixed up in crime
  3. Sexual activity or risky behaviour

Find out where your teenage children go and who they are with

Many parents are worried about their kids but don’t know what to do. At Melbourne Investigations we believe a simple and important step in helping your children is simply finding out the facts.

Our private eyes can find out where your children go and who their friends are. We’ll be careful not to let your children know they are being watched. The privacy and safety of your teens will be our priority. Our team can also provide a full report and photos or video showing where your teenager went and what they did. Get some peace of mind by learning the truth about your children’s lives.

Follow your partner and find out who they meet

If you’re suspicious your spouse or partner may be cheating on you, trust Melbourne Investigations to help. Our surveillance investigators can follow from a safe distance to find out where your partner goes and who they meet. We can also provide photo or video evidence of what we find.

Cheating surveillance investigators in Melbourne

Our staff understand how much is at stake. Rest assured that we’ll make sure your partner doesn’t know they are being followed. And we’ll also carefully check every fact before we present our findings to you. Our caring team members will be there to support you if the worst comes to pass. Find out more about our full cheating investigations.

Professional surveillance investigators

Melbourne Investigations’ staff carry out all surveillance jobs with skill and integrity. We understand Australian privacy laws, and will ensure your surveillance is carried out legally.

We will also keep you informed of progress so you always know exactly what’s going on. A full report with photo or video evidence will be available. If you are concerned about suspicious activity near your home, we can provide a private security consultation to advise you on precautions you might take.

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