Using Facebook to find WorkCover cheats

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Claiming an injury or an illness in order to receive WorkCover compensation is one of the oldest tricks in the book. In the past it could be difficult to detect, but in the modern digital world there are ways of having your personnel tracked more accurately without being very invasive.

One of the techniques used by professional private investigators is to examine a person’s Facebook account. On the basis of an employee’s Facebook activity one can say with greater confidence if a person is incapacitated or just playing the system.

Unfortunately, there is no lack of people ready to falsely claim an injury at work just to get the compensation for it – believing they are safe from being caught. This is very problematic for the employers who have to pay for expenses and getting zero productivity out of the employee. But by checking out someone’s Facebook history we might get a clue about whether their WorkCover claim is fake. Proving that someone is in fact faking an injury will give an employer the opportunity to lawfully act against such workers.

However, the smart thing to do is get a private investigator to do the job for you. In this way, you as an employer avoid directly checking someone’s personal data, which might be in part a violation of employees’ rights. If a private investigator is called in, your part in the whole matter is more indirect and can be more readily tolerated.

Checking Facebook history is very affordable method of detecting a fraud, giving you valuable clues and more guidance on how to act. The private agents at Melbourne Investigations carry out all forms of Workcover investigations, including Facebook and Twitter history checking. Contact us today for an obligation free, private chat about how we might help.

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