5 reasons women have affairs

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The stereotype is that men are the ones who sometimes become unfaithful and cheat. But our Melbourne cheating investigators are sometimes called in to discover whether a woman is having an affair too.

The reasons women cheat can be more complicated and diverse than men. They don’t always do it just because they can – they may have deeper reasons.

Five common reasons women cheat on their partners

1. Revenge

Women sometimes use sex as a weapon of marriage destruction. Their partner has already cheated on them, and they want him to know exactly how it feels, and to go out with a bang! Does her partner want her after another man has had her? Does the woman want out of the relationship, or does she want to get her partner’s attention?

2. Neglect and low self esteem

Often, being a wife is a thankless job. Women don’t just take care of the children, but they run all of the errands, clean the house, and they are also the ones who usually show up at the school meetings. It’s necessary for men to appreciate their partners more, and show them the love and affection they deserve.

3. Boring sex life

Men are not the only ones to get bored with lack of sex or monotonous sex. Men need to let their women know that they love and need them. If they don’t show them appreciation of worth, they might lose them to another man who is saying and doing all of the right things.

4. Wanting out

Some women don’t like the task of telling their partner or spouses that they have found someone else, or just don’t want to be married anymore. Some will go to the extreme of having an affair as an easier way out. They know their partners will probably not want to have anything to do with them afterwards, so they cheat.

5. Emotional issues

A woman can be emotionally fragile. If her man is not giving her the emotional assistance that she needs, she might feel neglected. Or, she might think that her partner doesn’t love her anymore, or not as much as he used to.

If your wife is cheating, you need to do something about it. Don’t just react with anger – if you want to fix your relationship it will take time, forgiveness and understanding.

If you have unconfirmed suspicions of cheating, get in touch with us. Our Melbourne cheating investigators can give you more certainty about whether your woman is having an affair, and support to help you work out what to do next.

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