Why we love to find missing family members

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One of our favourite things to do at Melbourne Investigations is helping people find missing family members. We’ve seen the pain people go through when they don’t know where their parent or sibling is. And we’ve been fortunate enough to share in the joy that reunification can sometimes bring.

There are many reasons why people can need assistance to find missing family members.

No matter why your family member has become lost, Melbourne Investigations would love to help locate them.

We leave no stone unturned to find missing family members

We love families. They are a vital part of everyone’s life and we honour the importance of family. Even when the relationship has been difficult, a missing family member can leave a hole in the lives of the people who are left behind.

Where are they? Are they happy? Have they changed? Why did they leave?

These are some of the deepest emotions we deal with in the course of our investigations. We understand how important it can be to get some resolution.

So we try harder than most when it comes to finding missing family members. We never give up. We look into every possibility and clue. This means we have a high rate of success in finding missing family members.

If you’ve tried to find your missing parent or sibling before, but failed, we encourage you to talk to us. Our private investigators may be able to give you some hope.

Finding missing parents or siblings makes a difference

It’s a very difficult process to go through. When dealing with a missing family member, there may be open wounds and conflicting emotions. No two families, and no two cases, are the same.

Sometimes when we find a missing person, there is genuine joy. The searching party might just be glad to know their sister or father is safe and well.

Sometimes people find peace and closure in learning what happened. Sometimes there can be a rekindling of a missing relationship. And sometimes not.

No matter what the outcome, there’s one thing common with all our clients who are looking for a missing family member: It brings some kind of fulfillment. And it means a great deal to us to be able to bring that to people’s lives.

Do you want to find a missing family member?

The private eyes at Melbourne Investigations genuinely care about finding your missing family member. They never do just half a job. We leave no stone unturned. We’ll use a wide range of methods and information sources to try and find your missing family member. Talk to us today for your confidential consultation.


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