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Be careful who you tell about your affair investigation

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If you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, you may be considering an affair investigation. But if you tell others what’s going on, they might accidentally put your investigation at risk.

Affair investigations depend on secrecy

Suppose your wife or husband really is having an affair. If they think you’re starting to suspect them, they’ll be on high alert. Then they might try to cover their tracks or change their habits to avoid exposure.

  1. Avoiding suspicious phone use
  2. Deleting chat history, phone calls and emails
  3. Making sure there aren’t any unexplained absences
  4. Watching for anyone following them to a rendezvous

These are some of the best hints that adultery is happening. So your partner could make it almost impossible to conduct a successful affair investigation. This is the reason you should be careful who else you tell about your suspicions.

Other people in the know could ruin your affair investigation

Your husband or wife is probably staying alert if they’re worried about being caught. This can make it really hard for your friends or family to avoid giving the game away. There are many ways a well meaning friend could accidentally wreck your affair investigation.

  1. Your family might confront your wife directly, thinking they could make her see sense
  2. Your friends might drop hints around your husband that he’s under suspicion
  3. Also, just having a changed demeanor around your partner could put them on the alert

Once your spouse realises that you suspect them, your chances for a successful affair investigation go right down. If they aren’t going anywhere to meet their lover, no amount of covert surveillance will get you the evidence you need.

There’s another reason to be really careful who else you tell about your suspicions. If you end up being wrong, you might have caused damage in your relationship. Then your spouse might feel betrayed and embarrassed that you told others about an affair that never happened. And it puts your friends in a difficult situation.

We’ll help keep your affair investigation a secret

Melbourne Investigations excels at keeping your case secret. Our affair private eyes are completely discreet when conducting surveillance, so your partner will never know they’re being watched. Then we can gather the video evidence to get at the truth of your partner’s possible affair. And we can advise you on how not to tip off your husband or wife.

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