How to find hidden assets in divorce

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If you’re going through divorce, you have our sympathies. It’s one of the most wrenching things a person can go through. But life gets even harder when you have deal with hidden assets in divorce.

Divorce can be bitter. Child custody is a common source of conflict, but finances are up there too. Sometimes one person in the relationship tries to stop the other from getting their fair share. And it can be hard to prove if they’ve covered their tracks.

But there is hope. If you think you’re dealing with any hidden assets in your divorce, a private eye could help.

How hidden assets in divorce work

Sometimes one person is mostly in charge of the finances in a marriage. That can leave the other partner at a huge disadvantage in a divorce. They might not know where the assets are or how much they’re worth.

Hidden assets in divorce can occur when your partner tries to protect their money. They might hide assets and earnings or even spend money secretly. Common tactics include:

  • Paying back nonexistent loans
  • Making deposits into children’s accounts
  • Hiding physical assets away from the home
  • Secretly moving funds offshore
  • Going on a spending spree to fritter away any assets
  • Working off the books (cash in hand)
  • Receiving undeclared financial support from a new partner

Hiding assets in a divorce is fraud. If you’re getting divorced, you and your children have a right to a fair share of assets and child support. And a private investigator can help get the evidence you need.

Searching through records to find hidden money in divorce

How we investigate hidden assets in divorce

Private eyes have to abide by financial and privacy laws. But there are ways we can find clues to hidden assets in divorce.

  • Searching ASIC filings and other public records to track down company ownership
  • Alias, relative and associate searches
  • Examining financial documents for clues to hidden assets.
  • Covert surveillance to gain video evidence of undeclared wages

It’s illegal to fraudulently hide assets or earnings in a divorce. You need evidence so you have something to present in proceedings. Then you can request the documents that prove an asset’s existence, and work towards making sure you and your children are treated fairly.

Hire a private eye to find hidden assets in divorce

If you’re going through divorce, you don’t want to deal with possible hidden money too. Melbourne Investigations can help. Our private eyes really care about people struggling through relationship breakdowns. They are highly skilled in investigating affairs, record searches and covert surveillance. Contact us today for a confidential chat about your hunt for hidden assets.

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