How to find listening bugs in your home

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If you think you have need to find listening bugs in your house, this quick guide is for you.

The use of listening bugs is legislated by each state and territory, so the rules vary. But it’s usually illegal for someone to use a listening device to record or eavesdrop on you without permission.

So if you think someone might be listening to your conversations at home, you have every right to find out for sure.

Warning signs you might need to find listening bugs

Firstly, why do you think you might have hidden listening devices in your home?

There are usually no hints in the house itself. Listening bugs are small, quick to install and easy to hide. They don’t give off beeps or having flashing lights.

So the best hint that you need to find listening bugs in your house, is having someone in your life who you suspect of eavesdropping.

Maybe this person knows things they shouldn’t be able to know. Perhaps they have dropped a few hints that they know who’s visiting your home.

Jealous partners are the most common offenders when it comes to listening bugs. You might be married or in a relationship with one. Or you might be separated or divorced. Whatever the situation, some husbands, wives or partners can’t let go. They might be jealous, angry or bitter. They might be terribly suspicious or controlling.

Nobody knows your partner or ex better than you. If you think they might have a listening device in your home, it’s probably with good reason.

Business partners can be another culprit. Sometimes a business relationship can go sour. More then likely there is money at stake in some way. Listening devices are so cheap and easy to buy online. A bitter business relationship with someone you’re suspicious of could be the reason you end up finding listening bugs  at home.

How to find listening bugs at home

If you’re going to hunt for listening devices, first think about about where your suspected eavesdropper wants to listen in. This will give you a clue about what room to search.

If he is a jealous ex husband, he might be most interested in what goes on in the bedroom. If she’s a jaded business partner, she might want to hear living room conversations.

Searching a bedroom for hidden listening bugs

Next, try to imagine where in the room the device might be hidden. The best spots to find listening bugs are:

  1. Easy to get to
  2. Inconspicuous or completely hidden
  3. Right at the target location

For the bedroom example, prime locations might be under the bed or on top of the highest shelf. In the living room example, good places could be under low lounges or inside your computer case.

If you end up locating a listening bug in your house, well done! But if you don’t, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one to find. Don’t give up yet. You might just need a more sophisticated approach to find listening bugs.

Call in a professional to find listening bugs

Have you failed to find any listening devices at home, but still think you’re being bugged? Hire an expert. Melbourne Investigations has a professional bug detector service that will give you the best chance of finding any hidden devices. We work Australia wide.

Our professional bug detectors have both the experience and the equipment to find listening bugs. First, they understand the best places to search in your home. Then they can use their specialised equipment to detect radio signals and other signs that a device is nearby.

Thinking there might be eavesdropping devices in your home is a horrible feeling. Contact Melbourne Investigations if you need peace of mind. We’ll begin with an obligation free chat about what’s been happening. Let’s talk.

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